Long Celli variations with CC1 high

This is my first test with Discover's Long Celli samples using Waveform as my host. With CC1 & CC7 both high and flat, I expected that each note sample would sound flat like my Garritan Celli samples. Instead, they exhibit a crescendo quality in which the volume peaks at the end of each note. Is this intended? Do I need to modulate CC7 with a decreasing volume line in order to prevent the volume from increasing? That would be tedious.

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    @jmueckl the long articulation does have a lower attack, as this is meant for slower, chordal passages. If you need fast and melodic, try using the Legato. You'll need to stack this for chords as it is monophonic.


  • I have a similar comment. I use the BBC Core version and all of the long samples, strings, brass, winds seem to swell near the end of long notes. Maybe that is intended to create a more natural sound, but I find it aggravating also. It would be nice if this could be managed/reduced/eliminated via a control like that for reverb and vibrato.

  • @jmueckl are you able to post a quick audio snippet here? I can then take a look and feedback to our product team if necessary.

  • As evidenced by Harmonious, the crescendos or swelling I am referring to is obvious. And it is not only in the Celli samples I cited. In cases that I have a choice, I will be using my Garritan samples instead. I'm glad I purchased the much less expensive Discovery version. If Core had the capability to switch off the crescendos, I would consider purchasing it, but I can see that it doesn't.

  • @jmueckl no problem, I'll pass your feedback onto the team nevertheless.

  • Angus,

    Here are a pair of short audio files that hopefully illustrate the issue. All notes are longs set at a velocity value of 50 and each instrument is set to identical parameters in the Spitfire control panel and match what is shown in the attached image.

    Watching the meters in the mixer, I observe about a 10% increase in volume as the longer notes play out and they seem to stay at that peak after they reach a certain length. Obviously this effect is multiplied as more instruments are playing.

    3 files are attached: Violins 1 playing alone, Full string section, and an image of the Spitfire settings.

    I use Logic Pro X 10.4.8 on a Mac running 10.13.6

  • My longs for the strings in core all have that same built-in swell across a pretty regular (slow) 4 beat pattern. I noticed this a while back but assumed it was normal when working with samples and impossibly long sustains.

  • Gregoryd,

    The built-in swells are typical for pure orchestra, but are not typical for popular music, which is what I work with. That is why Garritan doesn't feature it. It seems to me that Spitfire could broaden their market share if they wanted to. I see it as a lost opportunity.