Intimate strings sounds unpanned

Is there any way to turn on sections panning? It is just so unnatural that lows play right at the middle.


  • Hi @op_ro The sample content for Intimate Strings was recorded based on the players position, so you should find that the low end sits to the right, while the high end sits to the left. Is the output of what you're playing in mono? I'd be happy to assist if so.

  • op_ro
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    Hi Stewart, thank you for reply.

    I use volume meter in daw for reference. When i play highest or lowest note available in intimate strings, i can hardly see any difference in volume betwen left and right channels. It is roughly the same. I checked close and tree mics.

    For example, in labs strings (on same machine) volume meter shows very obvious difference in volume betwen channels, when i play very high or very low.

  • Hi , didi you get the solution yet ? I also using intimate string and all the section sounds in center . Have no idea how to make it sits in the right position. Manually pan with different take (each section) but i guess that’s not the library supposed to be used.

  • Hi @op_ro i think i know why it sounds so centered (mono) because the “tree” mic is all the way up…i just read the manual the “tree” mic is the mic from if you want just bring all the way down the tre mic or make the close s mic more prominent.

  • op_ro
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    Hi, @soundfontmusic

    In my experience, close signal is no different. Sound is ''closer'', but it is still centered.

    My solution is to slightly pan all notes bellow middle C (cellos + basses) to the right, and all notes higher middle C slightly to the left. I use no more than two notes at a time and it is sounding somewhat okay. I think more manual panning than that may ruin everything since we do not know how exactly spitfire blended sections.

  • Hi @op_ro & @soundfontmusic. The panning in this particular library will be a little more subtle than the panning in others, such as Labs Strings. You should find however that using the differing signals will provide you with varying degrees of panning. Either way, I'll be sure to relay the feedback from this thread to the Originals team!