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I haven't yet reviewed Albion 1, I am going to wait until I fully understand all the elements inside it, there is millions of possibilities with it, its one of the key ingredients in all the music I compose now, a lot of the music I make I hold it back for some daft reason, maybe I'm frightened that people will laugh at me, I put a lot of my emotions into anything I put my mind too, my music may be muddy to a lot of seasoned artists, but I'm getting there slowly everyday, my most recent creation is:

I watched Christian and I learned all what I am from that bloody good artist, love you Spirfire team!


  • How do I layer in between the chord notes, I've tried overlapping the bars but I get that transition sound, is there anyway or techniques I could use other than percussion to help the transition, sorry I know it's probably simple to you but I've only been using Albion for 2 weeks.

    I really appreciate your time and help

  • Taron
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    I believe, even Albion 1 (in Kontakt) had already polyphonic legato. I can't tell you, if it is still done the same way, but I remember it like that:

    • pick a legato set of the Strings Hi, for example.

    • In the options above, under "Round Robin", you will see "Polyphonic legato 4" option show up.

    (You won't be able to play this properly live, because you will have to control velocity exactly. Best to "draw" those notes with their velocities into a pattern/sequence. But you could play live and then try to pick connected notes to set their velocity afterwards!)

    • The trick to creating legato playing chords now is to use Velocity to assign connected melody lines to one legato layer. For example, have one line of overlapping notes play C5,D5,G5 with every note at velocity 20. Now on top of them make a line play E5, F#5, B5 with overlaps at velocity 40. On top of that make a line G5, A5, D6 at velocity 60 and one more line at velocity 80. Each of them will blend legato beautifully within their line, resulting in very complex, beautiful chord progressions.

    • Of course, now you must use dynamics and/or expression to control their strength/volume, affecting all lines simultaneously.

    This is a good opportunity to remember that you are trying to simulate actual players, who all want to be alive and play music not only together, but also by themselves. With virtual instruments it happens quickly that one forgets about this and just plays some chords, totally forgetting about the dozens of players you are "commanding", so to say. Remember the individual musicians and give them joy! 😉

  • Hi Taron, I'm so grateful for your help, this will really help me when I start my next project, it's kind and talented people like you who make a difference in this world.

    May I ask, do you have any music out there I could listen to?

    Again I really appreciate your help, take care :) Thank you! :)

  • Oh, my pleasure, Jason, I'm excited to help whenever I can, knowing how much I'd appreciate that myself.

    Yes, yes, I have plenty of music out there in a fairly big variety of styles. While most of it is more synthesizer based, I love exploring symphonic composition and still aspire a greater command over proper arranging.

    Here are some of my orchestral explorations:

    I'm sure, I don't have to tell you, but If you click on my "name" (Taronium), you'll get to all my tracks and you'll find enormous amounts of "One Synth Challenge" tracks, of which I've done a lot in the last few years.

    Well, again, I absolutely enjoy helping out and if you have any questions, I'll gladly jump on them, if I have some understanding or experiences to share! 🤓

  • I'll listen so some of your work now, its nice to hear the wonders from another mind!

    I really do admire your approach to helping others, I hope if anybody else has or discovers the same issue they'll be able to better themselves with your knowledge and wisdom!

    Don't worry about your taste in music, my taste is different to others too, I just love pad sounds, I always end up making music what sounds like its from outer space haha.

    I want to eventually make sounds to heal people, to bring clarity to ones mind, to pull that stress away from people with any sound I can get my hands on.

    I've got along way yet because there is so much to learn, but I'm determined to accomplish this life goal.

  • That's one wonderful agenda! For that you should really look into tuning, too, because there's much to discover about natural frequencies. Occasionally I would play with the good old 432Hz vs 440Hz, truly noticing great differences in perception. But there are far more surgical approaches that could be of interest to you then. Check into healing frequencies, Earth frequencies and so on... things we may resonate with or which could lead to supportive resonance within us. 👍️ 👍️ 👍️

  • If I do find the secret I'll share it with you and the world, I've recently bought Albion Neo, it has an incredible library of sounds that can be blended together to make some really complex and enjoyable sounds, I've not used every aspect of Albion Neo but I just love the pad sounds, they truly are the most gorgeous sounds I've ever heard, I need to save my money up now because the key ingredient I require is vocals, the human voice, I could use my own but it'll sound like a frog trapped in a jungle.

    Thanks again, I'm glad I posted because I got to speak to somebody caring who understands, take care x and thank you!

  • Hi there what plugins do you use just Albion 1?

    Sounds awesome the 1st track on sc.

    Cheers Daniel

  • Hi Daniel,

    I use Albion one for the tree track, because I'm limited on the choirs I use Cubase plugin called HALion Sonic SE.

    I used HALion Sonic SE for my stargirl competition, you can littrually change the way you want to hear your sound, it's alot like Albion One but more tricky, at least with Albion One they have done the hard part and made it easy for newbies like me haha.

    I won the 300 pounds on the Irish lottery that's how I could afford the Albion One haha, just waiting for the gods to bless me again so I can buy more because every pack from spitfire is the greatest gift of all.

    I was almost killed by a horse today while it ran towards me and my family on the footpath so I'm a very lucky man so the gods are definitely taking care of me, ironically I was on my way to the house of god before it happens, it's one of them stories you can't believe what an earth just happened, it was something you couldn't just dream up, I saved my daughters and my partners life, I shuved them into an arch way and used myself as a meat shield to protect my family, I will die protecting my family, it's odd how I value my life but I value the life of others more than mine, I'm not injured but it did konk me out the way, but it diverted it away from my babies, I'm so sorry to flood off topic but it's an event which could of cost me my life, ironically the short practice music I released is called the tree of life, maybe it's me being silly or is it a sign of god?

    I hope any of this was helpful to you Daniel, let me know if you want to know anything else and I'll help to the best of my ability! 😊

  • Taron
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    Hey Daniel, not sure, if you asked me there, but just in case, I've been trying out a variety of libraries in my SC collection, including Albion 1 and 2, but also others. "Trulijubav"(the first track) even uses some libraries from LABS. The newest additions are all BBCSO Discovery and LABS, though, playing around with them. I usually write some info under each track on SC.

    In case this was indeed directed at me: THANK YOU! 😃 ...if not, then, eh... 🤭

  • Hi Taron, Oh yeah I forgot you put a track on as well haha, silly me!

    It probably was directed at you but I've been a plonker thinking it was directed at me 😂.

  • It IS your thread, J, no worries! I wouldn't want to hijack it...😁...all good! 👍️

  • It can be our thread 😉 what's mine is yours :-)

  • Hello musicians: please I need help for a simple question.

    Does Albion (2021 version) accept midi cc1 thru modulation wheel of an Arturia Master 88 Keyboard as a dynamics tool?

    on the video demo, I’ve seen the demonstrator using an external controller to do so then it was clear if the method I am more familiar with will work with Albion.

    Thanks very much if you can help me with a simple answer, just “yes” or “no”.

  • should be fine. they have just mapped that mod wheel control to their slider controller.