Seemingly random variation in note volume during playback when using LABS Soft Piano

Hi all - first thing I'll say is that I use LABS Soft Piano for programming purposes only, full stop. I don't own a MIDI keyboard and I exclusively compose using the MIDI piano roll inside Ableton, no recording.

There's an odd phenomenon that crops when I'm using Soft Piano - sometimes even when I've written a looped part for Soft Piano, there seem to be very slight and random anomalies in the volume of certain notes during playback, despite the fact that I haven't automated any changes in MIDI note velocity (or any other parameter for that matter). My first thought was that I must just be picking up on occasional resonant frequencies produced by the rest of the arrangement, which happens to make some notes sound louder than others.

Until now, this hasn't been an issue at all, and I've even been pleasantly surprised by the added realism of these random emphases in note volume. The problem is that now, I'm working on a track that features a vamped two-bar section in the Soft Piano, and it needs to stay in sync with another vamped two-bar synth motif. Here, LABS seems to have taken it upon itself to create this little internal chord melody in the piano part with accents on certain notes that seem to crop up over multiple iterations of the loop. To be quite honest, it sounds kinda cool, and I would almost just leave it the way it is if it weren't for the fact that it throws the corresponding synth vamp out of wack.

Has anyone else encountered this with Soft Piano, particularly in Ableton? And is there a way to 'rein it in'? I've tried fiddling with the dynamics, expression and reverb controls to no avail, as well as toggling MIDI note chasing in Ableton. I'll happily send some snippets of the track if you didn't follow my explanation of the problem.


  • The snippets might help but I'm encountering this right now with Logic Pro + the BBC Symphony pack for the clarinet from Eb to Ab between C4 and C3. Basically it sounds like the relative expression/dynamics of these notes are not aligned with the expression/dynamics of the other notes. It's just suddenly louder and I'm trying to write something legato so it doesn't work :p

  • Hi @gnosis

    This library was recorded with variation in mind, and as such, the start points of each note can vary. This means at higher tempos, with repeated/ arpeggiated patterns, the timing can go slightly out. The Soft Piano is designed for slow, chordal passages- so for faster tempi, I'd recommend checking out Felt Piano or Cinematic Soft Piano in the Originals range.