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BBCSO Core and Babylon Waves Art Conductor 7

Hi all. I thought I’d start a workflow and questions thread for users with the same combo to compare notes.

I’ve been mocking up some orchestral chestnuts like Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolde” from raw midi files to get the workflow under my hands. In the process I’m learning some stuff I suppose should have been obvious, and because I’m a bass player (eg a person who makes their living by stating the obvious) I thought I’d share them as they come up. One early observation: anything that doesn’t have an articulation assigned to it is left with the default “dash” articulation. I’d assumed this meant “default” but obviously what it really means is “none specified” - meaning if you define a “pizz” passage, it won’t automatically switch back to arco when the “pizz” ends until you tell it to (kind of like real musicians :)).

Now, personally I like the idea of players doing their thing until/unless I ask them to do it differently :) so the workflow I now use is to “select all” when I first click on a track, assign a neutral “meat and potatoes” articulation like “long” to the whole thing. Now when you specify a different technique, it will “drop back” to the neutral technique when the passage ends instead of continuing along with the last technique you specified.

Anybody else using Art Conductor? So far, so good? Experiences/tips/tricks?


  • Hi @Kerry,

    I'm actually having an issue with Art Conductor 7 for Logic Pro X.4 I'm using Spitfire Audio's BBCSO Core library. The Legato patch is playing back incorrectly. 

    Spitfire's manual says their legato patches have various triggers. For a transition of notes in the same bow stroke, the first of the two notes should overlap the second. Am I understanding that wrong?

    Using the Art Conductor articulation, both pitches sound at once, and removing the overlap produces a bowed note. 

    I noticed that the Spitfire plugin does not switch articulations when I select them.

    Any ideas?



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