The Lost Percussion Library - (update request)

LEA BERTUCCI - ACOUSTIC SHADOWS is one of my all-time favorite Spitfire libraries - it's where I most often turn to if I need fresh inspiration or want to electrify a track. But the percussion instruments are practically unusable. Not only are the instruments separated, but so are the articulations. Each articulation is mapped across one or two notes (and always C2). Do I really need three instances of the plugin to use the snare drum?

I wish there was a multi preset that had the entire percussion library mapped across the entire keyboard, or at the very least, grouped by instrument (snare, toms, cymbals, etc.)

I love the sound of this library and have never gotten to use half of it. Total bummer.


  • Angus
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    Hi @Trey

    I've submitted a feedback request to our engineering team on your behalf so they can potentially look into this for a future update.

    All the best,