Feature Request: Breath Controller Mode

I've got myself one of the TEControl BBC 2 controllers recently. And I'd like to use it with my favourite BBCSO Core. Now I can set breath controller to CC1 to control the Dynamics of an instrument. But it would be so much more natural to use BBCSO with TEC BBC2 if there was some special mode for breath controllers.

I'll try to explain my vision. Now sample starts to play when I press a key on my midi-keyboard (in any technique). And it stops when I release a key. I really wish you could modify your scripts a bit so samples would start to play when CC2 > 0 and stop when СС2 = 0 (if some key is pressed on a midi-keyboard of course). Then we could play legato or long techniques in a manner real brass or woodwind players do.


  • Hi @soulsm1th

    Thanks for sharing your feedback!

    I can't say I've seen many composers using Breath and Bite controllers, so this was certainly eye-opening to check out. Very cool idea.

  • Hello @Andrew

    Thanks a lot for your kind response!

    I may add that there's really not many orchestral libraries for breath controllers available on the market. So I guess the addition of this feature would certainly attract attention of all kinds of breath controllers users (not only TEControl ones, but also AKAI Pro EWIs, old-school Yamaha BCs, MRTAudio, Hornberg etc).