Eric Whitacre Pro,Core,Discover

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So I was kind of thinking the other day how there are very few good entry level or core level choir library’s out there. I have heard great stuff about the Eric Whitacre choir but it is way out of my price range. So I was thinking that Spitfire should make Pro,Core, and Discover versions of the Eric Whitacre choir. Similar to the BBCSO, Core would be missing some articulations and mic positions as discover would be similar to BBCSO Discover. I feel that this can help younger composers like my self to explore the choral range while allowing people to see the beauty of this library.

Let me know what you think down below :)


  • @Yousef thanks for your feedback. The "Discover" version of Eric Whitacre Choir is essentially LABS Choir:

  • Eric's choir is very smooth and angelic. However, it lacks raw power and has very few phrases. Wonderful in maybe some fantastical scene and a character stumbles into a field of glowing flowers under the moonlight... but there are better options for more of an impactful choir in an all-out apocalypse of a score or if you want the choir to speak in more phrases.

  • I dislike that kind of music. It was for me really cliche, to point of nearly cringe. Like ultra epic overload of epicness. Epic brasses fighting with epic drums with epic choirs with epic electronics with more epic drums, and one flute. It depends on mood, I found even this basic choir in LABS pretty powerful if used correctly.

  • @Angus I did not know this, although it does explain how nice LABS Choir sounds. ++

  • It's a different type of choir, but I am hugely enjoying the vocal sounds in the Pool Project (I intend to keep going on about how awesome this instrument, and OPW's album, is for a while).

    You get a small, three-piece, very fragile sounding male choir which sounds wonderful layered with woodwinds or pads. And it's £29 with some other beautiful sounds chucked in, so you can't really go wrong

  • I was thinking about how those vocals sound really awesome recently.

    I'd like SF to do a more Epic/Operatic/Cinematic choir library, but I'm also very much down with these alternative sounding choirs and vocal patches. :)

  • Yeah, it's all colours in the paintbox. "Epic" isn't really where I am at but I can see how popular that sound is right now. The swells in the pool project are amazing layered in to a pop chorus :-)

    Mind you, I could use a few more traditional choir patches as good as the LABS one too...