Spitfire Plugin for iPad?

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I know that the ecosystem of DAW software on the iPad isn’t quite there yet (Cubasis is maybe the closest to a proper DAW and Apple seems to be avoiding porting Logic) but are there any plans to port the Spitfire Plugin instruments to the iPad? It would be great be able to pick a single mic/mix to install (for something like BBC or ARO), or download individual instruments on the fly, or even better if there was external disk streaming (this is something that was just added to LumaFusion, a popular iPad video editing app) so that we could use any instruments we already have installed to an SSD and only have to install the player plugin on the iPad itself.

Are there any plans to do anything like this? I know we can technically get Spitfire Symphony Orchestra through StaffPad, but it’s not the same as having a real DAW with real instrument plugins.


  • "M" series Mac and BBCSO native will send us on our way.

  • Hi @alexkane

    We do not have any plans currently, but this is never something we would rule out completely. At the moment our engineering team are focused on providing the best support for our current dedicated plugin, as well as creating new and innovative functionality.

  • @Angus my poor dreams of using the iPad Pro to compose 😭

    Understandable -- I'll keep my fingers crossed that one day we'll get a pro DAW and pro sampled instruments to go with the excellent synths already available on iPad.

  • Hello,

    It’s been a year since the last post regarding compatibility for iPad iOS. Are there any future plans? I can’t help thinking there’s a large market who use iPad being missed here?