Why have individual product reviews been removed from the website?

When I'm looking at products, the user reviews have been replaced by a cheesy little link to Trustpilot. Is this by design?

User reviews are a really useful tool in terms of figuring out if a library would be useful to me. Removing them seems quite anti-customer. Hopefully it's just a temporary blip while they're making some website changes.


  • I'm still seeing reviews directly on the product pages here. The majority are via TrustPilot but they're embedded right there on the page the same as always for me.

  • Hi Graig, there's two places where the trustpilot product reviews appear. There's a small widget just below the product info section here:

    If you hover over it, you get a bit more information and if you click on it, you are taken to a larger section further down the page with all the individual reviews. If you can see a product page without the reviews, do please let me know and I'll look into it.


  • Sorry, my bad. It looks like my adblocker gobbled up the reviews. Which is strange because I haven't changed the settings since I first installed it 4-5 years ago (uBlock Origin). With the adblock enabled, all I was getting was a tiny Trustpilot link that sent me to Spitfire's "general" trustpilot page with links for the site / company as a whole.

    Considering I've had the same adblocker for years and only had this issue in the past month or so, it might be smart for Spitfire's web developer to double check that everything is working as it should be; uBlock Origin is quite popular, and if the default settings suddenly affect site functionality, it might cost sales. (I actually haven't bought a few things specifically because I haven't been able to find user reviews to help me figure out if a couple products would have been useful to me...)