BBCSO + Chamber Strings


Trying to find a neater, smaller sound for my string arrangements. My main string library is Spitfire BBCSO Pro and while the strings are great, sometimes (often) I wish they could be dialled back - and without having to resort to EQ and mic positioning tricks. I love the sample tracks I've heard which use Chamber Strings, but I'm not able to find anything convincing that tells me that they will blend will with the drier sound of BBCSO (for, say, an incorporation of woodwinds/brass from BBCSO with SCS for the string section). Has anyone used this combo?




  • Hi @DavidSanders

    Yes, Chamber Strings blends very well with any Strings library in our range. Specifically you have Close, Tree, and Ambient mics, which gives you more blending options when it comes to placing the Chamber Strings and BBC SO players in the same space. Of course Convolution Reverb FXs can also help greatly with blending.

  • Thanks Angus!