Please add a Studio One Pro 5 Template for the BBCSO Pro


I noticed that there isn't a BBCSO Pro Template for Studio One Pro 5.

It would be great if Spitfire Audio can add this to the current selection of templates. Studio One Pro 5 is a very popular DAW, Please do not ignore it.




  • That would be great 👍

  • A lot of the templates were created by the community. I'd love to make some templates to help out, but I only have logic and Cubase. Feel free to submit yours once you've got something that works for you!

  • I agree. Studio One Should not be left out. It's my preferred DAW because of its ease of use and flexibility (everything from setting up external devices, recording, managing articulations, mixing, mastering, and scoring). I purchased BBCSO Professional in order to have the complete compliment of orchestral instruments for my compositions. However, being fairly new to virtual synthestration, I know that it would be very helpful to have a template that sets up stems and busses and appropriate routing to prepare my music for mixing and mastering, while helping me to make the best of my computer's resources.

  • I've used pretty much every DAW there is, but I now use the more recent versions of Studio One exclusively.

    I'd echo the wish that someone would make a template for BBC SO Pro.

  • Spitfire Audio do not make the Templates. The Logic and Pro Tools template were made by @Christian and Jake Jackson. The other templates have been created by individual staff members, but mostly, our wonderful user base. If anyone is able to create a Studio One template and wishes to share, they can do so in the new Templates category in Tech Talk!