I just got BBCSO (core) and have a few questions.

A couple instruments, mostly the celeste, only seem to have one velocity layer whereas the free version (discover) of these had more. I've went back to the free version of the celeste because I can't figure the (core) celeste out. Other instruments, like the harp, were a clear upgrade which is why I'm confused.

Other thing is the oboe, when I descend from some certain notes on the legato patch, I'll hear a loud clicking noise, is this suppose to be there?

Other than that the library is great so far.


  • Not sure if this helps, but the velocity layers only apply to one shot samples (shorts). On discover you could use modulation and velocity interchangeably I believe. On core, velocity only affects short notes or the extended articulation (fronts of all string, but it's still relative to modulation).

    You might already know that, but that's all I could think of. It could be the oboe keys, is there a specific transition you could cite? I could see if I have the same noise. There are notably some noises throughout the library.

  • On the oboe c4 down to c3, or anything in that area really. (This only happens on the single oboe, the 3 oboes have it but much less noticeable). I also thought it could be they keys, but it seems loud to me, although I don't play the oboe so maybe it's normal.

    For the velocity thing it's the celeste, and a few other tuned percussion. I think I figured out a fix though, I had to turn the dynamics to zero, which is weird because every other short sample in the library wasn't affected by changing the dynamics since it was just velocity based.

  • The Celeste (and other tuned perc) uses the dynamics value as set by the slider as the lowest possible value... so if the slider is set to 127 you will hear only one level of dynamics. I don't understand why those sounds open with the slider at the top as default, but it's an easy enough workaround.

    Had a quick play with the oboe and I think that is just key noise at the bottom of the range.

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    Hi @Dylan

    I've already noted this down for the team. The issue @cyberoctopus is actually related to the wrong default velocity setting- which should be changed to Full Velocity Range using the (...) settings menu.

    The clicks you are hearing in the Oboe legato are the releases from the keys- which have been recorded to increase the realism of the instrument.

  • Michel-Normand
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    Thanks Angus. It works!

    I new I was not crazy 😉. Before it worked great and than, no more velocity. I made the change in the setting and now it works like before.

    Thank you again!

  • Here’s one of the best reasons to follow this forum. I’d never have known!