What I would LOVE to see in future Abbey Road One Libraries

If anyone from spitfire reads these forums, PLEASE make polyphonic legato patches in the modular library you guys are working on! Apart from that, I would love for the articulations to have the same approach as CineSamples did with their CineSymphony--Short articulations are velocity controlled rather than keyswitch and (polyphonic) legato is controlled by sustain pedal.

PLEASE make your library capable of this. I am so excited about this Abbey Road One series but wont really find it practical unless it has the same features as my CineSamples libraries. That is actually one of the main reasons why I switched from EW to CS.


  • Thanks for your feedback. We're always working hard on innovating our dedicated plugin and implement popular customer feedback where possible. As the plugin is only four years old, we're not quite there in terms of matching the functionality and features of Kontakt- which is 20 years old. But we're working on it!

  • Nice! Yeah I'm excited about ARO, I purchased the three libraries you guys made so far and they sound incredible!

    Please keep my feedback in mind as you further develop the plugin. I can force myself to be patient for something as awesome as this :)

    Also, another thing I think CS did really well is, on their harp library they had the pedal features so you could do customized glissandi on all the white keys. Definitely would be cool to have something like that recorded at AR to match the rest of the libraries I end up purchasing!

  • Hey, just throwing this comment in because it fits the theme of this thread and hopefully Spitfire is checking in occasionally for feedback from their users.

    An addition to the Abbey Road One series that I would definitely like to see (in addition to the often mentioned Legato/Portamento absence in the high strings) is a runs and arps engine that works with real sampled note transitions (as opposed to scripted solutions) for the creation of realistic sounding runs (for strings, woodwinds, and brass). As a user of Abbey Road One I can attest to the fact that fast passages created using tricks like note envelope shortening and layering with other libraries are no substitute for runs created using the actual note transitions as recorded. This would be a fantastic expansion of the capabilities of the library.

    Thanks for the great tools and the opportunity to offer feedback!