Tips on using Chamber Strings for more Epic stuff

Hi all,

First post here, happy to be here!

I am currently trying to score for the Stargirl contest, and SCS is the only proper string library I have (unless we count Albion one).

People who own other string libraries along with SCS, do you reckon SCS works for Epic superhero-y scores? Or should I just go for Symphonic strings during this summer sale?

If so, any tips on how I can make it sound big without muddying the sound up (cause i am combining patches to make it sound big but it becomes muddy :(



  • jwing
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    "Or should I just go for Symphonic strings during this summer sale?"

    They might have more flexibility to obtain that epic sound, but I would only go for it if that's something you're interested in doing a lot. I personally don't score a lot of "epic" superhero-y vibes so I wouldn't do it for just a contest's sake, not to mention the fact they are probably hoping to hear something a bit different I'm sure. That said, when I do need a bigger epic sound, Spitfire Originals "Epic Strings" for $29/£29 is great, at the very least for mockups or simple things if you're like me and it's not a sound you go for all the time. I find they do an excellent job and the price is great.

    If you do find yourself doing larger, more symphonic scores requiring a huge feeling, and want a premium quality, then go for the Symphonic Strings while on sale!

    In response to your question, you could definitely layer them up as you have already been doing – but just mix, pan, EQ, and add reverb in various ways to prevent it from sounding muddy. For example you could have one layer on a more close setting front-and-center, and duplicate that layer on a far setting or with more reverb, and pan it further to the left or right (you could consider orchestral placement with that, too). Might have to EQ each layer a bit separately; string mud will build up easily in the low-mids anywhere from 250-1k, you just have to sweep and find what works. Through some basic mixing and spacialization you could make SCS sound nice and big without getting too muddy. Good luck!

  • abir0205
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    @jwing Thank you! Its not buying for a competition, just hard to sit out a sale lol

    Placing layers and front and back is an interesting idea, I will def try that!