Abbey Road One Volume

Has anyone else noticed the volume difference between BBCSO and Abbey Road One? Is there a reason why both libraries have such vast volume differences?


  • Quite a few different things can contribute to this so I'll list a few of the most common causes. Firstly, I would point out this YouTube video, which will demonstrate how to smooth out levels in both Kontakt libraries and Plugin Libraries:

    Why might things be different:

    1) Articulations vary in their timbre which result in different playing levels. For example a Flautando will naturally be quieter in the room than a generic Arco / Long Patch.

    2) We don't normalise samples in order to preserve the natural dynamics of the players.

    3) Natural dynamics are often determined by player interpretation and feel, as these are different players on different sessions responding to different acoustical environments, they will interpret things differently.

    4) AR is largely made up of ensembles which naturally stacks more samples / players on top of each other which will offer a different dynamics / density than an individual section

    Hope this helps! :)