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I thought it could be interesting to list which spitfire products you own, and then have other group members or people from spitfire suggest one library your sound palette could use or could be lacking.

I'm thinking of adding one more library to my arsenal. At the moment I own:

BBC Core

Abbey Road one (and the two extensions)


Bernard Herrmann Toolkit


Symphonic Motions

All originals & the majority of the SA Recording collection minus acoustic shadows I think...

& All Labs I set? Do I have a sample addiction? Or is there a Spitfire Library that could add some serious flavor to this collection?

I also own a few third party libraries (just for reference)

Felt Instruments Lekko, Jason and Blisko Cello

4 of the Junkie XL Brass horns

Cinesamples Sonore horns

Chris Hein solo cello

Tina Guo cello

Joshua Bell Violin and Blakkus Cello by Embertone



  • i know it sounds generic but if you like the sound of a spitfire library its usually worth getting because there are a lot of other tricks up its sleeve. for instance, i purchased "albion tundra" just because i liked the way the strings sounded and ended up using a lot of the other patches in it. i guess it also depends how much "hybrid" stuff you make/want to make.

    i noticed you do psych rock and also like syd barret which leads me to believe you like to experiment with sounds. so i think pretty much any of the albions would be useful to some degree. also make sure to check out the "london contemporary orchestra libraries", they are both very cool. i also notice you dont have any percussion libraries so you may want to look at "glass and steel" or "scraped percussion"

    i def have a sample addiction and really like messing with all of them for a lot of different reasons. next up on my list is to start knocking out the SSO libraries. i plan to get them one at a time on discount then when i have them all i will also obtain "masse".

  • Thanks for the great reply! Yes I definitely love psych rock/pop/noise rock. I’ve been taking a break on it for alittle bit because trying my hand at classical/hybrid scoring has been a great change of pace during the pandemic but I def plan on utilizing these samples in that genre. I use a variety of guitar and vocal pedals too but def looking for one or two more weird ones for scoring but also my bands music.

    I love the Alex Elton, Henrietta smith and moonglades and dark star libraries for their sonic weirdness.

    Out of all the Albion libraries and LCO which is your favorite? Or most used?


  • Agreed! Tundra and LCO Textures would be my two picks from those ranges as well, especially for someone who wants to experiment. There is a lot of beauty and inspiration in those two libraries.

    Albion Neo is also worth a look, but as I don't have that one yet, I can't really comment on it.

  • You missed out during last year's Spring Sale! SSO (including Masse) + Harp was in a special bundle for $898, and since you already own Harp, it would had been around $60 less than that.

    There has been some chatter about SSO being ported to the Spitfire plugin, and I suspect that the delay in releasing the mic expansion packs for SSO is directly related to that. I think they are going to have an SSO and an SSO Pro (including the aforementioned extra mics) released together in the Spitfire plugin soon. Maybe they'll even have a repeat of that heavily-discounted SSO bundle for this year's Spring Sale, but in their plugin. That bundle was my first sample library purchase; as a hobbyist, I never could had justified the cost of SSO had it not been at that price. So I hope that others will get the same opportunity that I had.

  • Michael B. Oliva
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    Do you like Tundra and LCO textures more than Olafur Chamber Evolutions or Stratus? I know they're a bit different. Just curious. What about Tundra vs Neo?


  • yeah, i hate that i missed that sale but at the time there were just other libraries i was more interested in and i didnt appreciate that sso was recorded in air until i started messing with more raw recordings. to say that more clearly, i was doing more hybrid/ambient/experimental stuff with a lot of fx and post processing so the original sound didnt matter nearly as much. now i am a little more interested in doing things with instruments being "naked".

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    Hi Michael!

    All five of those libraries are really different both sonically and functionally. Just thought I'd weigh in here to draw out some points of comparison!

    Albion Tundra draws you in. It's designed to capture the orchestra at its most intimate, and its delicacy is what sets it apart. If you've ever been to some live music, and have experienced that moment where you lean in to absorb as much of the sound and space as possible, that's the feeling that we tried to capture with Tundra. NEO on the other hand is a library curated for a new wave of progressive musicians and composers, with the demand for a more subtle, hybrid sound. A lot of people say that NEO and Tundra are the perfect accompaniment for one another.

    Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions and LCO Textures is an interesting point of comparison. They both feature chamber-sized orchestras and EVO grids, but in drastically different spaces. OACE was recorded at AIR studios, the same space as many of our other libraries including Symphonic Motions. LCO Textures was recorded in an aircraft hanger. That's not to say it can't be blended with other libraries, it just hints at the sort of sound you can expect from it - cavernous, cutting-edge.

    Of course, both options open up more opportunities to expand further into their respective soundworlds, with the rest of the Olafur collection, and with LCO Strings. Ultimately, I'd take your time listening to the demos and watching walkthroughs until you're happy with your decisions. We have a bunch of guides walking you through comparisons, which can be found here:

    Comparing Spitfire Libraries

    I hope that helps!


  • coming in with the hard hitting questions(ha!)

    lco textures is probably my favorite out of all those.

    oa stratus is awesome and i use it a lot but i could see someone wanting more control, although, there are a lot of good patches in there that have nothing to do with the stratus grid as well

    oa chamber just sounds awesome but is pretty limited in the amount of grid choices in comparison to lco textures

    tundra vs neo: i like the sound of tundra better but, i believe the usability of neo spans more projects/genres.

    just to add more to the pot, def dont forget about eric whitacre choir, angular strings, and fragile strings, really cool evo grids on those too!

    if you have any specific questions i would love to field them. fire away!

  • definitley, thank you. I’ve listened to the comparisons and demos but sometimes it’s just nice to hear from ppl writing and using them on a regular basis vs sound clips. Appreciate your response! Cheers!

  • Michael B. Oliva
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    Right on thank you! I think I’m leaning on LCO textures too. Although I thought it could be cool to have an Albion library, one of the more left field like neo or tundra. I might wait for a sale on those tho because $450 is a bit high right now but $300 is more in my range.

    I did look at angular strings, tho it seemed like a more contemporary sound of what Bernard Herrmann is capable of doing.

    thanks for your input. I think LCO ( and eventually neo or Tundra) would be nice with my other libraries for scoring/hybrid scoring but also might work well with my psych rock/pop/even acoustic music.

  • I'm a progressive jazz musician with a strong indie rock lean. LCO Textures is a big library for me. That and most of the SA Recordings libraries. Given what you're going for, I think you'll dig it.

  • Justin
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    Yup it sounds like LCO Textures should be your next purchase. If you can wait, there is usually a sale in May.

    Sales also tend to have special bundles with a greater discount, and these are the cheapest ways to buy Spitfire libraries. I got LCO Textures for $105 during the last Christmas sale, where it was in a bundle with Symphonic Strings Evolutions and Glass + Steel for $244.

    If you already own some of the libraries in one of those bundles, you still get the full discount on the remaining items. For example, one of the bundles during the 2020 Black Friday sale was Eric Whitacre Choir, Solo Strings, and Albion Tundra for $779. I had already owned Solo Strings and Tundra, so I was able to pick up EWC for $274.

    So if there are several libraries that you want, but can wait for them, holding out until there's a sale bundle which includes it is a great way to stretch your dollars. Over the past year, I've purchased a very respectable set of Spitfire libraries – several of them for less than half the regular price – just by waiting until they were included in a special sale bundle.

  • SO I got my first covid vaccine yesterday, grabbed the Mrs. Mills Piano. Work up in the middle of the night cuz my arm was aching, and purchased LCO textures! Woooo. Gonna spend today working with it since my arms a bit too sore still to slam out some hard psych piano ;)

    When the spring sale hits I'm thinking of upgrading to bbc pro and maybe grabbing tundra if it’s available and I think I’m set for a long while!!’

  • I just picked up LCO textures myself. Haven’t had a lot of time to give it a try yet though. Hoping to find some time this weekend. Got my first COVID shot too. Arm was sore, but not so bad as to keep me from the piano. Hope your pain goes away soon!

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  • Thank you Donald! Yeah it’s pretty great, it’s quite a bit more droney than I expected. But it definitely has some beautiful sounds. I predicted it to be droney for sure but there are a lot of sounds to unpack and manipulate! A lot of potential.

  • Be sure to check out the "Variation" slider. Pulling that to the left turns many of the "droney" stuff into completely different things. A lot more percussive, especially if you mix in the close mic.

  • Also, forgot to mention, you can pull the Attack knob in the ADSR controls down too.

  • For sure^^ Been experimenting with that a bit too! It's definitely a very fun & interesting library, just going to take some tweaking to get more used to it but the sounds are very beautiful!

    I think one of the demos had a beat behind it and I didn't think at the time it's probably a hybrid track with another library or something. Not sure why I thought it had kick drums in it because the instruments/evos are listed and it's pretty much an evo library to an extent. But I definitely found some amazing presets hidden in there.

    'Synthesized reality' is one of my favorites at the moment!