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Update BBCSO

Hello everyone Does anyone know how many updates the BBCSO will have? And what will those updates bring?


  • I saw in a video that they wanted to sample a grand piano for BBC, but due to Covid restriction they were delaying it. I hope that they have time before the building is closed to record it.

    Apart from that, I think that the library is almost complete. Maybe some bug fixes (because there're some serious bugs) but not more than that.

  • Angus
    Angus admin
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    There are still updates planned for the BBCSO Library. As always with any product updates, we can't guarantee when they will be until this is announced publicly on our channels because there can always be last-minute changes and fixes to make before release (think Cyberpunk). As for issues with the current product, I always encourage people to reach out to us directly by creating a ticket at spitfireaudio.com/support. The chances are- we've already discovered it, but if we haven't, we can log this with our engineering team to get fixed in a future update.

  • Hello, so I feel, you are part of spitfire, you know what content they would add to the BBCSO If it is not something confirmed, could you give us an advance please what you know or intuit that they will do for the updates here onwards until the BBCSO updates finish

    sorry if it's misspelled I don't speak English I only use google translator speak spanish.

  • Angus
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    @Jhon Alexis I absolutely understand that customers want to know what we've got planned in advance, but I'm afraid it's just not possible to say what's coming, and when we plan to release it. Outside of current Covid-19 restrictions, the team are always working on a wide-range of products, where issues may arise and priority has to be given. Therefore, we cannot really say "this is what we're going to add to BBC SO, and this is when it will be released", because we honestly and truly don't know until we are confident to announce on our social channels publicly!

    Sorry if that's not the answer you were looking for, but the best way to find out about new content and stuff in the works, is to follow our social channels closely!

    All the best,


  • waiting for Steinway piano in new update BBCSO...but ensembles and new instruments too...

  • Can I put in a request for a chime tree (mark tree whatever you call it) for a future update? It's a simple thing but seems like a weird omission from an otherwise pretty complete percussion section.

    And I mean I'd love some flashier additions too (brass rips! piccolo trumpet!), but getting a whole piano is plenty generous for me. I just want my chimes.

  • Frankiej122
    edited May 25

    Some nice string and woodwind runs in the BBCSO update would be very well appreciated.

  • I would pay Spitfire actual money for access to a single microphone mix of the string section leaders in BBC SO Core. It's really the only thing missing for me.

  • I completely agree!!! I am tempted to buy pro just for those alone!

    Err... I mean... I won't ever buy pro, so SA should offer the string leaders separately!

    (Big brother is listening)


  • Jhon Alexis
    edited May 25

    I would like them to include taikos or choir or piano so that it really was a starting point

  • not ae if you could pass my suggestion to the BBCSO programmers I SUGGEST TO PUT THE PERCUSSIONS TO 2 HANDS I mean that the same note is played with 2 different keys (toms hit left hand c3- hit right hand c4) to be able to make falms rolls and more percussive effects would be too much for a percussionist A hug from Colombia

    sorry if i say something wrong i use google translator i dont speak english

  • Yesterday I got started with Pro on SSD having used Core for a few weeks. Can someone please tell me if its OK for me to delete the Core files on my main hard drive. Its getting full of sample libraries! I'd also like to move Abbey Road One onto the Pro SSD. Is it OK to do that?

  • Personally I wouldn't recommend Pro just for that. In fact I think its poor value for money compared with Core. You get loads of mic positions but if like me you want to emulate the instrument positioning found in real orchestras, Core does that for you. The solo or leader samples aren't that great but you do get a few extra instruments. Glad I got it at sale price though! Talking of price, does anyone else think the SSDs are over priced? A 2TB SSD would be better so you can add your other Spitfire libraries to it.

  • Thanks for that perspective on core vs pro. I grabbed core for now. Might upgrade to pro later!

    The drives do seem expensive, but considering they have to format and load them for you, it's really not crazy. They need to charge for their extra effort. I think the value of the SSD is higher for people with poor internet or less time than money. Or for people with low tech skills that make them think they can't buy the right SSD and successfully download the libraries onto it.

  • I'd actually agree, I don't get why the percussion isn't mapped like it is on Albion or Epic Percussion.

    It feels like they did an amazing job sampling (in my opinion) the best classical orchestral percussion sounds ever, and then rushed the key mapping. :P

    Surprised they didn't do it in the update too! Literally just rerouting some keys!

    I feel like 2 handed percussion in BBCSO would be the single biggest upgrade they could do for the library at this point, and it's probably the easiest on their end! :)

  • If I recall correctly, Spitfire loses around a quid or something on the SSDs? They definitely were 'at cost' atleast if I remember Pauls keynote.

  • Angus
    Angus admin
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    @RGallitan I'm not sure whether a Wind Chime (Bell Tree) was recorded as part of BBC SO Percussion. I've sent a message to the product manager to see about this.

    @Jhon Alexis this is a Symphony Orchestra pack, which traditionally wouldn't include Taiko and Choir. I recommend Cinematic Percussion if you want to add a more modern twist to the percussion in BBC SO.

    @Nic I've also contacted the product manager regarding BBC SO two handed mapping for Untuned Percussion, to see if we can bring this in line with Abbey Road One Percussion.

    @Frankiej122 I'm not sure whether any runs content was recorded, and it would certainly increase the size of the library by a big margin. Happy to pass your feedback on though.

  • Angus
    Angus admin
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    edited June 1

    This is something that is requested often... e.g Can we add more mics, can we have a semi-pro pack, can we have solo strings in Core.

    Here's my reasoning for not offering this:

    • A session load of the Core pack currently costs about 13GB of RAM. If we added only a single mic to this pack (e.g. Close), you double the RAM requirement (26GB) and the library size (58GB). As the majority of our Core users have 16GB of RAM, this would mean that Core would become inaccessible for them to use.
    • When we updated BBC SO to include BBC SO Core, we had a many comments from original purchasers of BBC SO Pro that they "would have just gone for the Core pack if that was available at launch". Therefore, I would personally be against adding any additional content to Core that is currently available in Pro, as this risks alienating BBC SO Pro users. I would not advocate for a BBC SO Semi-Pro pack either, on the same basis.
    • We offer the solo strings (String Leaders) in Pro to make it a more attractive upgrade. This is the same with our Studio Orchestra series, where the Pro version gives you mix options and new instruments. Again, if we were to add String Leaders into Core, it would also risk alienating both Pro and original BBC SO customers.

    I hope that goes someway to explaining why we would not add Pro content into Core. Of course, as with the additional Muted Brass update, we do have updated material planned for all versions of BBC SO.

    If you have any further questions/ feedback, please just @ me!

  • @Angus - thanks for this explantation, it all makes a lot of sense. Certainly the many additional microphones and the expanded range of instruments are two key selling points for the Pro upgrade - and both are arguably something that "pro" users would benefit most from. I don't use a particularly powerful PC and I'm more interested in teaching myself how to write arrange for orchestral ensembles of various sizes than in appearing on a film or TV soundtrack, so for the moment Core is near-perfect to me.

    The reason I raise the string leaders question is two-fold. The first is that writring for string leaders is a pretty fundamental part of orchestral writing, and the second is that there is no other way for me to get solo strings that sit in the same soundworld (I picked up the Spitfire Solo Violin in the sale and I love it, but it's not a section leader violin, and it is not the easiest to blend with the BBCSO Core mix... ) as the rest of the section.

    As for the foreseeable I don't have any use for multiple mics or, say, the cimbasso the extra £300 seems prohibitively steep for just four new sounds. Completely understand your reasoning for not offering them, I just wanted to flag that the demand is very much there.

  • I use the whole solo string collection for my first desks. It actually has a first desk violin (and cello) included which blends quite beautifully and easily with bbcso. The solo viola and 1st desk cello also work seamlessly. Only problem is there's no double bass legato. The cost to get the solo instruments and upgrading to pro is about the same at that point though.

  • @Angus

    Thanks for taking the feedback and giving the clarifications!

    I'm sure the libraries will benefit from your willigness to engage with their users. :)

  • Angus
    Angus admin
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    Thanks @Nic this is exactly the idea behind the community forum. A place for not only engaging with our peers, but a place where Spitfire Audio staff can directly engage with our community, so that we can learn how to best serve said community!

  • @Angus does the BBCSO have the effects/articulations in the strings section (violins, violas) that make a high pitch screeching sound that are used in scary movies like “Jaws”, Michael Myers, Jason (Vorhees)? Thanks

  • Angus
    Angus admin
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    @Terrez there isn't anything built in, like the Strings Run patches in Albion ONE (for example). But you can easily create these with the Legato and Short Techniques.

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