AR1 Orch Foundation Software update

Hi all,

I can see an update available 1.0.10 3.32GB but can't find any notes on this - is it a bug fix or something new? (not in a position to download right now). Is there a place on the site that contains info on versions etc?




  • Now all 4 AR1 libraries are showing they need an update...

  • Sadly the "clonk" on E5 mid velocity on trem high strings has not been fixed

  • On another forum, there was an observation of a change with the timpany patches.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I appreciate the confusion here. This is just a plugin update. It is not a content update. This plugin has been silently released for sometime, so if a new customer purchased AR, or one would have repaired the library, the new plugin would have been installed.

    Because for each product we share the same plugin, each one had to have an update especially for the change log / user manual updates which indicates there has been a plugin update.

    You will find changes such as the microphone grouping behaviour has gone to 5 groups instead of 4. This means MIX 1 / 2 are now no longer grouped together.

    Why was it a silent update first? Largely because we were during busy periods of support and wanted to ensure a smoother roll out across a regressed version of our installer too.