Updated Reaper template for BBCSO Core, Pro now available + important bug fixes

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Hi everyone!

I've updated the Reaper Template for BBCSO Core and also now made a Pro version, though that will require a bit of set up on your behalf.

There is one very important bug fix: All tracks that record output are now set not to compensate for latency, which isn't the right setting for this application (It's more for recording something in live instead of bouncing a mix).

The new versions are attached, please let me know if you have any questions, ideas or feedback, or find any mistakes I've made setting it up.

The download is here:

Happy composing,



Update notes:


What's new:

All instruments are updated to the 1.2 version of BBCSO.

Muted Brass articulations have been added.

There are now group tracks for Reverb 1 and Reverb 2 to help you easily control the overall level of reverb. Advanced users might consider changing these from groups to VCA tracks. Note that the sends on the reverb tracks for Stems 6-9 are muted by default, you can change this easily in the mixer.  

Percussion is now grouped into three sections: Drums, Metals and Miscelaneous, and Tuned. 



All tracks that record output are now set just to "record output", not "record output latency compensated". Apologies for anyone this caused trouble for!

Placeholder fx for Stem 9 are now on the correct track. 

FX Tracks are now all muted by default (I'm not sure if this was a bug in the original version or something that I let in later).

Sync Plop channels are now set to -8db by default to save your ears. 


  • I meant to also add:

    If you've made lots of modifications to your template from the original version and don't want to start again from this new version, be sure to do these two things:

    1. Right click the refresh button at the top of each instance of the BBCSO plugin and click "Update instruments to latest version"

    2. Set all print and fx tracks to "record output (multichannel)" instead of "record output (Mulitchannel, latency compensated)" so you don't have timing issues when bouncing to stem and fx tracks.

  • @Glynn Hew has included a Pro template in this build!

  • Thank you for the update to this template @HewWagner

    I notice on the main template site that it is still just Core version up, and nothing on the Pro area. I wonder if someone at Sptitfire audio can update spitfireaudiothepage.com with the new Core and Pro Reaper Templates?

  • Thanks a lot man!

  • @MarkSpooner we've stopped updating The Page to focus on other projects. All new templates will now be uploading to the forum (Tech Talk - Templates). Hew's template above contains both Core and Pro templates.

  • I upgraded to BBCSO Core 1.5 from Discover, and was delighted to find this template. When I load it, though, even with all the BBCSO plugins offline Reaper starts consuming 50-90% CPU and even a single enabled track produces garbled audio.

    I'm using a Windows 10 laptop with an i5, 8GB and an NI Komplete Audio 6 USB interface. A Discover 1.2 template I created myself worked fine even with all the plugins online.

    I'm presuming it's not like that for y'all, and with CPU utilization numbers that far out of bounds that it's not just that I'm underpowered.

    Any thoughts or advice?