LCO strings on his own or as an extra spice


I own BHCT and am happy with, but would like to work orchestration for more detailed strings , with separate parts for each instrument.

Listening to the Spitfire demos I am very interested by LCO strings because it really have the kind of sonic color I love, but i would like to ask LCO users if it's usable on his own for strings orchestration or if it has to be used in complementary with a more "standard" strings library, and if so, which spitfire would fit the best with it (chamber strings ? Studio strings ? )

Thanks by advance for your advice !

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    Hi @Jaune

    LCO has some traditional articulations but also some more 'experimental' articulations. Depending on what articulations you feel you need for your compositions, you may find it suitable on it's own (or in conjunction with what's available in BHCT). I'd be sure to have a look through all the available articulations in the 'What's Included' section of the page here:

    If you are looking for other smaller, intimate style strings libraries with a more traditional approach to the available articulations, I'd have a look at the 'Chamber' and 'Solo/Small' sections of our Strings page here:

    Chamber and Studio Strings would both be good complimentary options, though! Chamber Strings will have a slightly 'bigger' sound as it was recorded in The Hall at Air Studios, whereas Studio Strings was recorded in Air Studio One.