BBC Symphony Orchestra & Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP) HOW TO SET UP PLEASE

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I just bought the BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional and downloaded the Template for "Protools". I opened up and although still downloading the files (another 12 hours because of my poor speed of connection here in the Philippines), all looks good.

My question is that I will use VEP on a separate computer to supply the samples to my main computer, I am not sure how to set up now.?

I will have the samples folder on a SSD supplying my slave PC, on the slave PC is Vienna Ensemble Pro and I have Spitfire downloader as I have a few LAB products there.

How to set up Protools.?, will I have to replace every BBC Plugin with a VEP Instance on every channel and have an instance of every BBC Plugin as an instance in VEP on the slave PC?

Thanks for any advice

Jim D


  • Thank you Luke, this is very helpful for me and I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience


    Jim Donnachie

  • HI Luke - thanks for the information. A few things I'm not clear on with VEP as I'm considering it for my setup. If you don't mind the questions? If you do, of course, you don't have to answer! Thank you regardless for the above.

    First as to the instances of VEP. Would you have an instance that was, for example 'woodwinds' and then within that single instance, host ALL the instruments and articulations available in BBC Pro? And then replicate that for each of the choirs? So when you are running the session in Pro Tools, you would have instances in VEP open for woodwinds, horns, percussion and strings?

    Then as to any changes in the specific instrument. Let's say I want to adjust the mic positions on a violin. Would I perform that change in VEP's interface or Pro Tools?

    Lastly, if the changes I made to the violin are only specific to the Pro Tools session I am on (Song 1), and I close the session to open another (with VEP running the whole time) (Song 2), do I have to do anything special to save the information about the mics in Song 1 with the Pro Tools session? This would of course relate to any modifications I made on any plugin. Just wondering if there's a risk of losing that work.

    Anything you can clarify is very much appreciated!