Albion One Directory Structure and size

Hopefully this is the right place to ask. Can someone share with me the directory structure and overall size of the Albion One library? I'm having issues getting it to work and I'm concerned I'm not getting the whole download(?) via Spitfire Installer.

Mine is showing just a SAMPLES folder (no INSTRUMENTS folder or others I see in videos) and total size is about 83gigabytes. Am I missing something? Thanks!

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  • Cryofax
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    UPDATE : Problem Solved. I had to delete everything (including leftover data files and registry data) and reinstall Spitfire's Installer and not change any default directories and it installed fine. Not 100% sure what the issue was but it's fine now. What a great library!

  • Angus
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    Hi @Cryofax

    It sounds like there must have been an issue with the unzipping stage. Glad you managed to resolve this though!