Epic Strings - No Sound After Loading Older Cubase Projects

Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem at the moment where when opening projects a bit older than a few months ago, there's no sound coming from Epic Strings. It clear has midi going in, as the piano keys at the bottom of the plug respond as normal. I have other originals patches going, like Felt Piano for instance, and that's fine. It's always just the strings. The only way to fix it is to reload the instrument. I'd rather not have to do this however as it means that I have to do it for every channel and carefully reapply all the settings/reattach midi automation etc.

Any advice?

Many thanks,



  • I have the same problem but not even old projects. Every time I open up my Cubase Pro 11 project the freaking strings are silent. If I redo all the settings they work fine but I have to redo everything EVERY TIME or there's just no sound. Even saving my settings and trying to load them doesn't work. If I have working strings and I try to load a "Mixer Preset" it will screw them up and no sound will come out.

    The free LABS sounds work better than these paid ones, what the heck!