json.exception.type_error.302 Spitfire App Error [Solved]

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Hi all.

I'm getting "json.exception.type_error.302 type must be string but is object" when I try to run the Spitfire download/update program. If I want to reinstall it, where do I get it from?



  • Hi @Bipman

    This error has been caused due to the fact that you might have been a small number of people that previously installed a higher version of the App which was later rolled back to a lower version. To get out of this JSON limbo, all you need to do is simply redownload the App from our site. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • Hi, I found that my Audio App would not work any longer -(previously fine). I have tried numerous times to download it again but my PC displays the message - this will not work on your pc-refer to publisher. I have had no problems downloading anything else. Please can you suggest how I can download the app? Thanks and regards, Roy

  • Hi @woygw

    What operating system are you using on your PC?

  • I am opening on old thread sorry. I have this error today with version 3.40 on windows 11