How do you release your music?

I'm curious how you all release your music? Specifically, when you're creating your own personal music, not something for a gig.

The method I've used for other projects in the past is a full album Bandcamp release and a single on Spotify, followed by a Spotify release a week or two later.

Are there other methods that you've had success with?


  • I’ve been using DistroKid for the past few months, and it’s by far one of the most affordable and transparent service out there to get your music across all platforms. The base subscription is about $20 USD for an entire year to upload unlimited music. There are more expensive options to achieve customization, like changing the name of your “label” etc... but it’s all ropes under a single, yearly, competitively priced fee. I have the $35 USD option and it works beautifully for me.

  • I put most stuff on Soundcloud. I don't consider it being "released" in that sense though. I'm still learning the ropes and consider myself being a beginner in every sense of the word. When the day comes (if it ever does) I'll probably release it on a friend's label to not have to think about administrating everything. Or just utilize Soundcloud's service of spreading a release over most online services.

  • When I actually have a finished track that I'll want published officially and publicly, I'll probably be using Distrokid. My roommate uses it although he is mostly a songwriter, but it seems to work.

  • I always create a video visualization that I upload on YouTube. Then I also upload on SoundCloud and Bandcamp for those interested in buying something.

  • Bandcamp. I keep 3/4 of the revenue. The sound quality of the previews is superior, and most importantly I can make changes, add or delete tracks or entire albums at will. Change the cover, credits, mixes and swap out the files, add extras. You can't do that with aggregators, and you get a tiny tiny fraction of revenue. Also - CD Baby managed to smudge my album cover and leave a track off. It took me years to get it fixed and track down and take down the many many bad images and incomplete track lists. Spotify left my album up long after I contacted them to remove it. I had to get nasty about it.

    most new artists these days seem to obsess on promo before they actually have a catalog to promote.

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    I'm currently using Distrokid, but there seem to be boxes they want to put you in as an artist or for your releases that could limit your audience.

    I've been paying attention to United Masters and might switch to using them. Apple recently invested $50M into their business, and they already have partnerships with the NBA, ESPN, TikTok, Twitch and others.

  • I put my stuff on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, & YouTube, but I have no idea how to promote it, so it's pretty rare to see anyone actually listen to it.

  • I put my music on Bandcamp on my own, and most of the streaming services via DistroKid.

    About promotion to get the music heard... Oh dear. I have no clue and I rarely get any plays. But, my philosophy when it comes to music is that if one person listens and likes it that's enough for me.

    I've been active for over 20 years so the fan base has grown over the years so I have a couple of hundred streams on Spotify each month. Yay!

  • Regarding Distrokid, I think it is all down to what style or genre of music you are uploading.

    I did use them to upload loads of my music on all the platforms. I had no hits whatsoever on anything I uploaded.

    Why? Because My music is cinematic style and like @Teddy Blass mentioned, putting your music in a certain cat can heavily limit plays or even being seen.

    If I wrote and uploaded Hip Hop or Pop to Distrokid, chances are I would get loads of hits.

    I really do believe as an unknown artist in certain styles, these music platform sites are a waste of time uploading to.

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    My own approach is to use Distrokid for streaming platforms, I then have my own Soundcloud and bandcamp pages which I keep on top of manually.

    Behind each release, I usually have a degree of PR via a particular company I find geared towards a specific project which helps with reviews, radio play, and upping stream counts.

    To enhance that, you can then take on the role of directly messaging curators for playlisting, or employ a playlist submitter who would take this on, on your behalf.


  • hi all my music production is free to share on the jamendo portal. My name is Gennaro, I live in Naples (Italy) and I am a hobbyist in the field of music production in particular on the ambient genre. All my music is freely downloadable from the Jamendo site where you can find me with the nickname Pierecall. 🙂 Best regards from Naples (italy)

    Gennaro aka Pierecall

  • My main tool has been SoundCloud - I have been able to develop a lot of good relationships with other artists. I started using DistroKid as well, but am wondering about that in the future. I do not promote and have no aspirations for making any money, so other than getting a few hundred listens and it being cool, might not be with the effort.

    I know SoundCloud gets a bad rap in some forums and articles but being able to interact with other folks directly is fantastic, as well as some of the other functions such as being able to actually edit a track after it's been posted, if say after a year or so you think , "hey that piano part could be a little louder", Remix the track, upload and not lose any stats. I also like to be able to build an album or EP over time by adding tracks as they are ready, and adding background info.