Solo violin Total Performance issue [Solved]

Hi, sometimes when using Spitfire Solo Violin there is a small gap during long notes. I'm not sure if this is a looping issue, or a rebowing. If it's rebow, is there any way to choose where it happens instead?

I was going to buy the solo cello, and am wondering if anyones else gets this also...

Perhaps the 1st Desk libraries are better suited for solo passages with long notes?

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  • Angus
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    Hi @Ken,

    This is a feature of Spitfire Solo Strings that currently cannot be edited or removed. This is in place to provide a more realistic interpretation, and the library itself is best used for shorter melodic lines and runs, rather than longer lines. There are two workarounds here:

    1. If you just own Solo Violin, you can automate the Dynamic with a sharp "V" in the automation lane (CC1/ Modulation) at a more appropriate place in the bar line where you would prefer the 'rebow' to be. At the bottom point of the "V", retrigger the note in order to allow more time for the note to play out before the recorded rebow.
    2. If you own Solo Strings, you could Keyswitch between the Violin main patch and Performance Legato patch through UACC Keyswitching- video below.

    Our product team are aware of this feedback already, and will assess in the future whether a change needs to be implemented. But I want to caveat this by making it clear that a change might not necessarily be made, especially if it would mean degrading the quality of the sample.

  • Ken
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    Thanks Angus, the UACC keyswitching has actually helped with Spitfire Studio Brass too...