Hammers reverse disabled?

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Hi there,

Just bought Hammers and have fun exploring its functionalities. The part I was looking forward the most was the Reverse. However, the whole Reverse option seems to be disabled on my end. Doesn't matter which sample I load, or mic used, the Reverse option will always remain grayed out, I even did try to replicate what Charlie did in the First Look video, but same result here. Not sure why. I'm running on Windows 10 (latest) and Cubase 10.5 (with latest update). Is there something I overlooked or someone else is also having the same issue on their end?

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  • nevermind. Found it. You have to go in the option menu (upper right gear wheel) and scroll down to the bottom to enable the reverse as it is disabled by default to save memory according to the UI description. Not an obvious find especially when you're new to that engine, but good to know! ;)

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    Yep @GrizzlyMV to confirm for anyone else seeing this- Reverse is disabled by default to save on CPU processing power. If this is not an issue for you, you can enable as a global setting, to constantly have it enabled on every new plugin instance. Or, you can enable it on a preset by preset basis using the Preset Settings Menu. Both screenshots below:

  • Oh,boy....that could have been mentioned in the videos. If it was, I totally missed it. Google searches weren't turning up anything, and I was baffled as to why mine was disabled. Glad I thought to check here before contacting support.

    Now I wonder what settings I've been completely unaware of in other Spitfire libraries!

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    Hi @Steve

    The version used in the video was a beta released some time ago. For the release, this setting was added in order to optimise the CPU for those who do not wish to use the Reverse affect. Hence why it is not mentioned in the Walkthroughs- sorry for any confusion!