Do I need a pedal for Ólafur Arnalds toolkit to play?

I recently discovered Ólafur Arnalds toolkit felt piano plugin and I really want to buy it. The only thing concerns me is the pedal. I saw the walkthrough of the plugin and I noticed that the "pedal dyn" and "pedal vol" adjusting, and "pedal is down" text appearance. And that is where im confused, if I need an actually pedal to have the full experience, or if the pedal is in the plugin somehow programmed ( I do have a midi keyboard by the way). So my question is, do I need to buy a pedal before buying the plugin, or is the pedal function in the plugin self programmed?


  • The pedal sound - as in the 'pedal vol' that you noticed is the pedal sound of the sampled piano and can be controlled via the GUI or with an appropriate wheel/dial/fader on your keyboard - it's a layer of the recorded sample.

    'Pedal down' applies sustain as you have expected, but you could potentially control this with another button/key as above if you didnt want to use a pedal. It could be fiddly to play though, especially if you are controlling the other dynamics by hand too!

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    As @Rabbit says, @RalfB the pedal slider pertains to the loudness level of the pedal- and is automated depending on the velocity played. This can be automated by other means.

    I would recommend investing in a sustain pedal for your MIDI Keyboard especially for this library, as you will find more character in the Piano when it is sustained.

  • Thanks for the answer :) . I recently bought a sustain pedal, it works perfectly and I can't wait to use it with Olafur Arnalds Felt piano!