Player - Mixer view - "Show Active" request?

Like most today, I have been reviewing the Hammers release. But as a result, today is the day I have got to ask for a UI addition on the Mixer view in the Spitfire Player.

With the multiple pages of Mix options available in the Mix view now... it is getting easier to miss an active mix option. And if I automate the mix options I can't see all of the items in play in a single view. I have to scroll through the pages of mix options. I want to see only my active mix options in that window.

Can programmers please add a "Show Active" option to the left of the Mix view that would be used to activate a filter to show only those Mix options that are currently active. Then we can mix all of them (hopefully we are not using more than 6 mix options?) in a single view.

I have wanted to request this for quite awhile now, and hammers is the straw on that for me.

But if there is a Show Active Mixes option somewhere else in the UI, please tell me where it is?

Thanks, Dave