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Presonus Studio One with Spitfire Audio

Hi there all.

I thought it might be useful to start a discussion thread about using Spitfire products with Presonus Studio One as I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who has migrated to this DAW after years using some of the more established names.

Logic was my weapon of choice for orchestral style work and for audio editing whereas I tended to use Ableton Live for more abstract electronic work. I still use Ableton but more as an outboard fx rack and virtual modular host via network midi on another machine to share the cpu load.

I wondered if anyone had been using the new articulation switching functionality in S1 5.2 yet? My current project isn’t using very much orchestral texture that requires articulation switching as it is more abstract sound design focussed so I haven’t been using it yet but it looked like a massive workflow enhancement if SA could integrate it into their products, especially BBCSO and the Abbey Road series. I’m assuming it can be integrated into the Kontakt based libraries too.

Looking forward to hearing other folks’ views.

Best regards,



  • I'm also on Studio One and have built up quite a Spitfire Collection (I think I'm becoming an addict). I don't know anything about the articulation switching. I'll have to look that up.

  • Hi there Paul.

    Presonus call the feature Sound Variations and it is a new feature with the new 5.2 release of Studio One Pro. At the mo only Vienna’s Synchron player comes with the feature baked into it but it looks like a fantastic time saver for switching articulations. There is a video here showing how super useful this would be. We just need to convince the lovely Spitfire guys to adopt it.

    Great to know i’m not the Studio One user here.



  • Agree, would be great to have Spitfire on board with the auto mapping of articulations in Studio One. I am considering the BBC SO Core and to have that capability built in would be awesome. Really hope the Spitfire guys can get onto it, just love their products.

  • Hi @Adam P

    My colleague @Jack has recently uploaded a demo of how to set up Sound Variations below:

  • Hi there Angus, I hope you are well.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Tbh I already understood how to go about doing it myself. My original post was more in the way of an appeal to you wonderful Spitfire folk to include the data pre loaded into forthcoming products and, in a glorious utopian paradise, update existing products to include the data. Because what else you could possibly have to do other than make my life better right?

    Best regards,


  • Hey @Adam P, that's all we have for now, but I'll pass on the feedback to our Product team to look at in the future.

  • Hello together,

    thank you for this thread, i'm using st1 for years but the first time more for recording audio (I'm musician - prof. trumpet player). Cause live music is not possible in the moment, I*m poducing soundbanks for my employer. So the last two months I had to learn all this midi-staff and now my attention is also by this wonderful librarys from spitfire. But just playing arraound with the wonderful things from LABS and the free orchestra. I first like to get a feeling how the handling fits for me, before I will buy greater librarys.

    There is one problem:

    All my content from different librarys are on an external ssd card, cause I somtimes change from my laptop to my pc. This is going normally without problems. But with the spitfire librarys there always if I'm changing from one to the other, there comes an error massege or there is this read exclamation mark in the spifire app and I have to repair the content from spitfire or to optimize it. Than usually it works but if I'm going to the other pc or laptop (with the same content on the ssd) the problem starts again. I'm using on both win 10 pro with the same drive-name for the ssd.

    Does someone know this problem to?

    Many greatings, Stefan

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