How developer Spitfire audio app native vst for linux (stand alone and vst/vst3)

a greeting to the whole spitfire community, I wanted to ask when it is possible to have the native vst version of the spitfire audio application to be able to take advantage of the same operating modes that exist on the windows and Mac osx operating systems? thanks and best regards from Naples (Italy)



  • Hi @Gennaro,

    We don't currently support Linux, so I'm afraid this won't be possible at this time. Happy to pass on any feedback you have to the product team.

  • pternst
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    We know you don't support Linux. Linux users are used to not being well supported. :) However, what's worth having is worth asking for. I'm not a tinfoil hat man - just a web developer - but the Software as a Service model that Microsoft, Apple, and Google have taken in lockstep is an ugly way of effectively taking ownership of user's devices. Windows is little better than a survailance tool, and MacOS not far behind. Android is monstrous. Linux is where people retreat when they want to retain some control over their devices, or avoid money grubbing vendor lock-ins.

    None of this is your problem, of course. But since Steinberg has supported Linux in their VST dev tools for some time now, it would be amazing - AMAZING - if you managed to provide a Linux compatible version of even one major library, say BBCSO. Where few or none of the companies like you have Linux support, this would strengthen BBCSO's position as a lingua franca of orchestral libraries. LABS would be a nice second.

    It doesn't have to be polished, or work seamlessly with every Linux flavor. Spotify, for instance, provides an as-is version of their desktop app maintained as a "labor of love" by a few in-house developers for public consumption. That model works, because the Linux audience understands and appreciates it.

    Anyway, I'm just throwing the idea out there with a "pretty please." I love your products, but this single issue has heavily limited my use of your software in the day to day.

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    @pternst I absolutely understand the reasons and benefits of using Linux and appreciate your feedback here. I think its important to say that we actually have quite a small software team that develops our plugin. Currently a lot of R&D has gone into improving the plugins we offer, and the team is at maximum capacity.

    If we decided to throw in another plugin build to the mix on top of the 11 plugin types we already build for Mac M1, Mac Intel, and Windows, and also develop a new App, not only would this overload the team, but it would slow down the progress we are making with improving the plugins for everyone.

  • @Angus Your products are very interesting, but I won't be able to us them since they don't work with Linux. It is frustrating since there is probably not much to do so that the Windows versions could be usable through the usual softwares. If you provided the appropriate raw material to the Linux community, it is very likely that a Linux usable version could be engineered without loading your development team.

  • Never happen sadly as it's a Closed System, not Open Source, aren't there wrappers (LinVSt etc....) to use Win VST's in Linux?

    It's also about Market Share and sadly Linux is at the bottom of the list, SA is mainly aimed at Professional Users/Studios and those are environments where Linux is rarely used overall in the bigger scheme of things.

    The OS's Service Agenda is irrelevant and not everyone needs to use Linux that want to retain control over their devices, my Mac tells no one, anything, as I know how to use it and when I'm using it for music production it's not connected to the www, maybe if people learned how to use their SW instead of believing Linux is some sort of magic solution when it's not, it's confused and a lot of HW Audio products don't work, bad or no drivers, think people just have to acknowledge the fact that Linux doesn't have enough of a customer base for SA to put money into it.

    Steinberg are a multi million pound company owned by Yamaha and can't be compared to SA.

    Angus is being diplomatic, but let's face reality here.

    (Yes, I've used Linux/Win/Mac for over 25 yrs so know the difference in user experience.)

  • @Angus I would spend a lot of money here if there was native linux support.

  • @Angus I would also appreciate if there was a native Plugin of BBCSO for Linux. The Developers could at least briefly look into compiling the VST for Linux, since that should be a rather simple Task. Rebuilding/compiling the Download/Licensing-Software is probably more difficult - but that's not really needed to run the VST I guess (can run through wine once).

  • Hi Gennaro,

    Have to tried installing Spirefire Audio under WINE? I googled around a bit on this and it seems like folks have been able to get the Spitfire Audio app working that way and then you can use the VSTs in the DAWs that you prefer.