Mapping Kontakt Instruments with Novation's AutoMap

Hi all,

I have a problem when mapping the controls for my Novation 61SL MKII to different articulations in, for example, Symphony Strings.

I'm able to assign buttons for control of mic positions, dynamics etc.

However, it doesn't seem I'm able to assign any button to change articulation e.g. Con Sordino, Glissando, Legato etc. At first I was trying it with the drum pads and figured it was just a problem with those, but it doesn't seem I'm able to assign any button, fader or knob to articulations.

Any work arounds for this?


  • I remember also having problems with Automap. My Novation Impulse 49's pads only worked when I scaled them one octave down, as somehow there was a one-octave offset. Only then they worked.

    The rest also didn't work 100%, i found Automap a bit complicated.

    BBCSO Core, Albion Tundra

  • Aeron
    edited July 2021

    Thanks Chris, I'll try it!

    Edit: Although it wasn't a problem with the drum pads per se - the problem was a more general one about assigning and button to change between articulations - any thoughts on this?

  • Am not quite sure what you mean? You can also change the key switch in the articulation itself.

    Am just at work so I can't check how you get into the edit option of the instrument.

    Having said that, I am talking about BBC SO.

    BBCSO Core, Albion Tundra