Track Length

Say for example you want to make a song that's 1:30 or 2:00 long. I want to collect everybody's technique of starting their track. Like what would you do first when creating the track to set yourself up on finishing the track in that target time? Hopefully I'm making sense.


  • I didn't see this! Very sorry! I'd look into beat mapping using logic pro. If you do some quick math you can figure out how many measures you have at whatever bpm and whatever time signature :) on Cubase, you have to drag the tempo around which is a little different, but similar. This can help you get a nice idea of measures per phrase or even an A-B section idea. When you have tight restrictions, try to set up your limitations into your project so you don't accidentally break from them. Label the different areas essential to your track. An intro, main theme, b theme, variation, outro, whatever you think are important.