Cinematic soft piano and Intimate Strings ignores sustain when DAW is playing

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Ok this is REALLY weird. If I play CSP with the sustain pedal whilst the DAW is NOT playing it works fine. If the DAW is playing any prerecorded part with sustain plays but without sustain. If I play along whilst the DAW is playing sustain does not work As soon as I stop the DAW, sustain is back.

DAW is both Cubase 10.5 and 11. Two different projects

I can even create a brand new project in 10.5 or 11 and add a CSP. The same behaviour above is consistent. I've looked everywhere.

Good luck :)

Edit: I did some digging. Same thing happens with Orginials: Intimate Strings, but Epic Strings is fine. Labs are all fine. BBCSO is fine. If that helps.



  • Hey @SimonRigby_1

    I created a support ticket for you on this one and will be following up. There are a few things we can check out that might be causing this issue!