Violins 2 legatos

Anyone else noticing issues with these patches in Studio Strings Pro? I essentially have no legato transitions on the Violins 2 (12) patches. This goes for individual articulations as well as Legato performance patches. All patches for Violins 2 (6) legato load up empty. Only the 3A and 3B patches work properly. Any fix for this?


  • Mine seem to be working fine. Does it always load like that, or does it just require you to reload that instance again? Sometimes I load it into Kontakt, and the mic layout is all scattered around and buggy. I just reload it, and it pops back in place. You might need to run a repair or perhaps even redownload it; I think it'd be worth submitting a support ticket either way.

  • b3shoals
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    I have the same issue with a lot of the patches in the Legato Techniques Folder. It may just be the way the library is supposed to work. When I load the 12 or 16 player Patches the Legato (Performance) icon is not active or lit. Which when not loaded I do not have this technique available, Is this the way these patches are supposed to be?

    The legato (portamento) icon is not loaded in your screenshot either in the top and bottom patch. But is available in the middle patch violins 2 (6). So can I assume this technique is not available in all the Patches in the Legato Techniques folder?

  • I can tell you these patches always load this way for me. It's possible I need to re-download the entire library...

  • @b3shoals not all the patches in this library will contain the same techniques. In some instances, you will see a musical rest symbol where a technique would appear. This does not mean the technique is missing- rather this is a placeholder value for those using UACC Keyswitching.

    @Ray on the Performance patches, the articulations are controlled via Velocity. When you play softly at a low Velocity, you trigger the Portamento transitions- designed for slow and melodic phrases. At higher velocities, you will trigger the Legato- which is better suited to short and fast runs.

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    Looks as though all Instruments contain legato (slurred). But these four only contain the Legato (Portamento).

    Violins (8) - Legato (Portamento)

    Violas (6) - Legato (Portamento)

    Celli (6) - Legato (Portamento)

    Basses (4) - Legato (Portamento)

    I suppose if you need 16 violins or 12 Violas etc.. You could open two instances of each instrument to get that arrangement.

    Thanks Angus

  • @Angus thanks for your response. However, my issue is that there's literally no "sound", no transition between the notes. Play one note and try to play a second (at any velocity) and there is a gap in the sound. It's like the legato transition is missing.

    And there's still the other issue of some patches loading up with zero memory, completely empty.

  • @Ray have you tried batch resaving the library to check if you have any missing content?