LABS Opia crashes Live 11 under Windows 10 21H1

I love the LABS series of plugins and use them a lot, but there's something about the "Locusts" preset of the OPIA pack that Live 11 really doesn't like. It crashes Live so spectacularly that the window instantly vanishes. No error message, no warning sound; just - gone.

And it does this reliably. Every time I try to use it.

Any ideas?


  • Hi @Headfirstonly,

    As a starting point, I would make sure you have the latest version of the plugin by repairing all LABS:

    Once the repair is complete, reopen Ableton and @ me if the crash reoccurs.

  • Still got the problem after repairing all LABS (I've had to do this a few times recently after getting the "no preset loaded" error.)

    However I have just reinstalled Live, and LABS is now running without problems. Given that Live recently updated to 11.0.5, I suspect that it may have been Ableton's autoupdate function that was at fault; I had problems after the background update to 11.0.2 as well.

    Cheers for your help Angus!