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  • I know I'm very late to the discussion but Youtube never indexed my submission so I never got much feedback on it. I thought I'd share it here with all of you here.

  • I didn’t receive any comment either on Youtube. It would be nice to know that my entry has been listened. On the other hand I recieved an e-mail saying that the judging is over and a BBCSO Discover code in it. I hope that they listened all the submissions, otherwise it will be disappointing.

  • Better late than never. Here is my submission for the competition.

    Feel free to leave a comment if you like=) I been listening to so many high quality competition entries. I'm really impressed.


  • Hello all,

    I just discovered this forum and I'm a little late to post here, heres my submission:

    Any feedback or comments would be gratefully received.

    Good luck to all the entries!

    Cheers :)

  • Hi Esat,

    I'm sure you'd love to get some impressions, some feedback, as probably do virtually all of us, myself included. But, alas, it really doesn't have this sort of activity here from what I gather. Kind of understandable, but well... I'm in the mood to give you my feedback, so why not:

    • very nice sounds, very friendly composition, musically totally adequate
    • too slow. Somewhat responsive here and there, but too slow, like it's chewy or stuck in jello, if you know what I mean.
    • It's great that you've managed to put in little jingles, little themes into the moments, but they seem to linger for too long, contributing to the slowness of it.

    All in all, it has some very sweet qualities to it, but it feels like it doesn't belong to the action or is scored from the perspective of a giant turtle, hehe, if that's not a bit too harsh sounding... eh, I mean it in an almost endearing way. It just somehow lives firmly outside the two major choices one might go for: Score every frame vs. score the whole experience.

    When I started my approach, I went for the feelings of each sequence rather broadly, too. But then I realized that it has to snap into the key moments as tightly as possible in order to sit well together. Too quickly it just begins to glaze over it all and loses relevance or usefulness to the experience. Not to mention that the whole show is almost rather cartoon-like, which in some respects you sort of caught quite well in terms of composition, but it also means it sort of wants to have a certain cheekiness and liveliness, which really needs snappy (I keep saying that) moments to really hit the character of it and support it.

    So, all in all, you have plenty of authentic arrangements, nice sounds and really solid musicality in there, but it's almost like a sketch for a different movie, if you asked me. It is, however, a wonderful opportunity to learn and I imagine this might have started a fire in you, just like it has in me. I hope, we'll meet again on the next scoring challenge, for I'd love to see where you will take things then (and me, too, haha). 🤪 🍻

  • Joelh
    edited September 2021

    Here's my score for the Stargirl comp.

    I've used a mix of orchestral, programmed synths and drums, piano and electric guitar.


  • Joelh
    edited September 2021

    Here's my score for the Stargirl comp.

    I've used a mix of orchestral, programmed synths and drums, piano and electric guitar.


  • Hi all..

    Just introducing myself as this is my first time in the users forum , my name is Kurt im from Nottingham, i would like to share my new entry for the stargirl comp - any feedback or comments would be much appreciated! best of luck to all the other entrants.. Thankyou👍️

  • Hi Kurt, thanks, good luck to you, too!

    I'm trying to make it a habit of mine to give some feedback. Not sure how long that will be tolerated, but hey... at least you get to read something.

    Starts off with such a nice tension, like a different take on it, delivering a kind of calm before the storm. But as soon as the robot suit flies over the river, you'd sort of expect the storm to arrive... yet, it doesn't. You've set yourself up for such a nice climax. You should've used it, I think.

    Then comes the BIG SAVE the score sort of vanished completely with a tracing hum somewhere out there. While the score earlier already heavily moderated any drama, here it almost feels like a technical difficulty, like something got dropped in the recording. A very curious choice. It almost suggests like there was a bigger theme around those scenes, justifying this sort of scoring. That makes it oddly interesting again, too, but well... bold choice in this short snippet.

    Icicle then gets a wonderful build-up again that really makes drama return into it, but again... it kind of falls back into moderation only to end up with the most amount of calm and friendly composition into and over the network bumper. I have to admit, I put the most amount of "music" also over that bumper as the only place that seemed to allow me the sense of space for it, haha....tssss.

    Anyway, overall it feels like it has some very promising moments. Now you just need to get them to splash at some point and consider what power in the score helps to carry or go with the scenes, especially when they get stronger. Because you almost went around all beats of the cuts, I couldn't sense any particular timing, which really would help to tie soundtrack and pictures together. That's something I had noticed at some point with my own approach, when I chose to tighten things up around such beats, trying to hit them decently.

    Well, I may really not be the most qualified person to give perfect feedback, but I know, I always appreciate to hear anything and there's inspiration in any sincere observation, I believe.

    Again, good luck to you and to all of us, but then it's hopefully not too much about "luck" anyway, hehehe.

    Cheers 🍻

  • Hello everyone,

    Please enjoy my cinematic Stargirl score. I had so much fun making it! :-)

    Thank you,

    -Hector R.🎹

  • I'd love to give more feedback as well. But after spending the next couple days after the deadline obsessing over my submission, I had to step away from thinking about the contest at all.

    Everyone here has put in a lot of work with their submissions. And there are a lot. Major kudos to the Spitfire team for listening through all the submissions! Just thinking about the massive body of work here is intimidating.

    As for more extensive feedback, we could try to organize some way of methodically working through the posts in this thread. But it could take quite a while and I don't know if anyone has the fortitude to do so without getting paid. A get-review, give-a-review system might be somewhere to start...

  • Taron
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    That's a brilliant idea, @calebjtoth !

    Will be interesting to find some sort of healthy organization for it. I wonder, if a little, clever website could be useful to set up a system of sorts. Definitely interesting to think about.

    Something like write 3 reviews, then you can post your clip for reviewing. Something to keep track of the amount of reviews to bring up always the tracks with the least amount of them. Hmmmm.... could be very interesting!!!🤔

    On KVR with have an ongoing mini-competition for making entire songs with one vst synth, OSC (One Synth Competition). The boys have setup a really decent system for that with an extra website for voting, which everyone has to do in order to stay qualified. Not perfect, but still great.

    I could imagine a website, where you'd have to register with your youtube name, then you'd see the list of youtube submissions, which always sorts itself to put videos with the least number of comments to the top.

    I've just checked, and yes, there is a Youtube API. It seems like it allows searching for comments, getting a list of them and such thing, but it would require more research. However, this may make it possible to sort a list of submissions by their amount of comments, possibly/hopefully locate author of comment by name, which then could be checked against the active user of this special website and possibly then list links or even contents of the comments left for transparency and verification that a comment was left. This may inspire folks to take it a little bit more serious, if they want serious reviews themselves.

  • This video was uploaded for the first time in summer 2021 on my previous and no longer existing Youtube channel. Here is the new link: