20 Questions

Michael B. Oliva
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  1. Favorite Classical Composer
  2. Favorite Film Composer
  3. Favorite Band
  4. Favorite Singer
  5. Favorite Guitar Player
  6. Favorite Drummer
  7. Favorite Bassist
  8. Favorite Pianist
  9. Favorite Piece of Orchestral Music
  10. Favorite Film Director (dead)
  11. Favorite Film Director (Living)
  12. When did you fall in love with music?
  13. When did you decide to pursue music (as a hobby or career)?
  14. What is your favorite thing about music?
  15. What are your 5 desert island albums (assuming there's electricity)?
  16. Favorite Beer/Wine/Liquor?
  17. Favorite snacks while drinking?
  18. Favorite food to cook
  19. Favorite comedian?
  20. What - is your favorite color?

(I'll go first)

  1. Chopin with Beethoven a close second and Bach right behind him.
  2. Probably a tie between John Williams/Howard Shore/Jerry Goldsmith & Ennio Morricone. If I had a gun to my head - Williams - Although I dare say I think the LOTR soundtrack wins over Star Wars for me...(Don't tell 12 year old me that)
  3. Beatles/Syd Barret era Pink Floyd - Although peak Brian Wilson era Beach Boys, CAN and The Fall are also idols of mine and influenced me equally. This is a stupid question and unfair...
  4. Tie between Harry Nilsson & John Lennon
  5. George Harrison & Dick Dale
  6. Ringo Star & Jacki Leibezeit
  7. Paul McCartney & Carol Kaye (wrecking crews not so secret weapon!)
  8. Vladimir Horowitz - hands down
  9. Chopins Funeral March - the middle uplifting part of it juxtaposed to the beginning and gloomy parts, to me, is one of the most beautiful pieces of classical music and perfectly, gently describes the give and take, high and low of life.
  10. Stanley Kubrick and Andrei Tarkovsky
  11. Scorsese
  12. When I was 4 or so, I heard my sister singing along to The Phantom of the Opera and I fell in love with the melody of "in sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came". That melody really spoke to me so I figured out how to play it on my fathers keyboard. Shortly after that I started emulating Michael Jackson dance moves, then was really into sting, the next year Aerosmith eat the rich, and the next year nirvana nevermind changed my life and took me down thy rocketh path.
  13. When I was 19, learned how to record my own music and formed my band at 21 and have been touring the country in the music festival circuit trying to 'make it' in that way for a little over 14 years - only time we ever stopped playing was due to covid. This past fall I've decided to take up scoring.
  14. The way music can connect people, bond strangers, unite with friends, & loved ones...while I love that, it's rather obvious, but what I really love about music is that ability to reach your inner self. Like meditation. Music affects me physically and emotionally and I couldn't live without it or without making it.
  15. Love Forever Changes - Beatles Help - Can Ege Bamyasi - Harry Nilsson The Point - Breeders Last Splash
  16. Stouts of all kinds, Cabernet Sauvignons, Rye Whiskey.
  17. Charcuterie (meat and cheese plz)
  18. All the years touring the US, Especially the SW, has turned me into a Mexican fiend. I love making the most authentic burritos possible and could eat them once a week. I love seasoning chicken so much I never get tired of the outcome.
  19. Mitch Hedberg
  20. Blue, no red - I don't knowwwwwwwww


  • Heck, I'll play...

    1. Favorite Classical Composer - most inspiring: Ives, favorite: Ligeti
    2. Favorite Film Composer - Williams...how can you go wrong? If I need avant-garde edge: Hermann
    3. Favorite Band - tossup between Radiohead, Fiona Apple, and Sufjan Stevens
    4. Favorite Singer - Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, RIP
    5. Favorite Guitar Player - rock: Dimebag Darrell, jazz: John Scofield
    6. Favorite Drummer - rock: Perrin Moss of Hiatus Kaiyote, jazz: Nate Smith
    7. Favorite Bassist - modern: Tim Lefevere, more traditional: Charles Mingus
    8. Favorite Pianist: Bill Evans all the way, but I adore Brad Mehldau too
    9. Favorite Piece of Orchestral Music: Adagio for Strings from Samuel Barber
    10. Favorite Film Director (dead): don't really have an answer here. Kubrick probably.
    11. Favorite Film Director (Living): tough one...I always love Wes Anderson, and probably Christopher Nolan
    12. When did you fall in love with music? seems like it was always fascinating to me. I became aware in middle school, and obsessed in high School
    13. When did you decide to pursue music (as a hobby or career)? Not really until college, but this was resistance to it as a viable career.
    14. What is your favorite thing about music? the endless chance for reinvention and infinite sky for exploration
    15. What are your 5 desert island albums (assuming there's electricity)? Radiohead - In Rainbows, Sufjan Stevens - Age of Adz, Hiatus Kaiyote - Choose Your Weapon, John Scofield - A Go Go, David Bowie - Blackstar
    16. Favorite Beer/Wine/Liquor? Moscow Mule
    17. Favorite snacks while drinking? chips and guac, but those suck with mules. With mules? Tacos I guess?
    18. Favorite food to cook: Chicken Parm
    19. Favorite comedian? Mike Birbiglia or Dave Chapelle
    20. What - is your favorite color? deep purple or deep green

  • Gigabang
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    Great set of questions!

    1. Favorite Classical Composer - Huw Watkins tied closely with Eric Whitacre
    2. Favorite Film Composer - I really like what Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross have done on some scores, not always 'best' but most interesting.
    3. Favorite Band - The prodigious one man band, Jacob Collier
    4. Favorite Singer - Representing Wales, Shirley Bassey.
    5. Favorite Guitar Player - John5
    6. Favorite Drummer - Never really thought about this, but a lot of respect for Joey Jordison
    7. Favorite Bassist - Noisia because their bass synthesis/production skills are ridiculous.
    8. Favorite Pianist - Rick Wakeman
    9. Favorite Piece of Orchestral Music - Into the Woods Motion Picture Soundtrack (Instrumental vers). Big Sondheim fan, that score is lush!
    10. Favorite Film Director (dead) - Haven't seen enough 'classics' to judge.
    11. Favorite Film Director (Living) - Possibly Tarantino
    12. When did you fall in love with music? - My first proper word was "adio" (radio) so I guess early on!
    13. When did you decide to pursue music (as a hobby or career)? - I remember trying to write a musical in primary school so again, early on.
    14. What is your favorite thing about music? - It can take you anywhere, emotionally & physically, and express what words can't.
    15. What are your 5 desert island albums (assuming there's electricity)? - Jacob Collier - In My Room, NIN - The Fragile, Eric Whitacre - Deepfield, The Phantom of the Opera (Original London Cast rec) & see #9.
    16. Favorite Beer/Wine/Liquor? - Trying not to drink.
    17. Favorite snacks while drinking? - Still trying not to drink.
    18. Favorite food to cook - Do enjoy cooking up a Dahl from scratch (the secret is mango chutney).
    19. Favorite comedian? - Stuart Lee closely tied with Eddie Izzard.
    20. What - is your favorite color? - Blue/Black and every iteration in between.
  • Favorite Classical Composer - Frederic Chopin

    Favorite Film Composer - Howard Shore/Hans Zimmer, probably Shore by the width of a nipple hair

    Favorite Band: Repeater (band from Long Beach, seriously, look them up. They are amazing)

    Favorite Singer - Steve Krolikowski (Repeater) followed by Maynard James Keenan (Tool)

    Favorite Guitar Player - David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

    Favorite Drummer - Niel Peart (Rush) followed by Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion)

    Favorite Bassist - John Entwistle (The Who)

    Favorite Pianist: Arthur Rubinstein

    Favorite piece of Orchestral Music - Dang I don't know, depends on the day.

    Favorite Dead Film Director - Kubrick

    Favorite Living Film Director - Christopher Nolan

    When did you fall in love with music - Before I knew how to say my own name

    When did you decide to pursue music (as a hobby or career)? - I starting teaching piano when I was 13, never stopped

    What is your favorite thing about music? - people say a picture says a thousand words. I say a piece of music can paint a thousand pictures

    What are your 5 desert island albums (assuming there's electricity)? - Iron Flowers (Repeater), 10,000 days (Tool), Wish you were Here (Pink Floyd), Moving Pictures (Rush), Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

    Favorite Beer/Wine/Liquor? - Scotch

    Favorite snacks while drinking? - Cheese and crackers

    Favorite food to cook - I could ruin cereal

    Favorite comedian - Jerry Seinfeld

    What - is your favorite color - Depends on my mood

  • Steve Shaw
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    1.    Favorite Classical Composer       Edward Elgar

    2.    Favorite Film Composer               John Williams

    3.    Favorite Band                                   Queen

    4.    Favorite Singer                                 Freddie Mercury

    5.    Favorite Guitar Player                   Joe Satriani

    6.    Favorite Drummer                          Haven't got one

    7.    Favorite Bassist                                Stu Hamm

    8.    Favorite Pianist                                Kathia Buniatishvili

    9.    Favorite Piece of Orchestral Music         Elgar’s Nimrod or Pomp and Circumstance March No 4

    10. Favorite Film Director (dead)                   Hitchcock

    11. Favorite Film Director (Living)                 Spielberg

    12. When did you fall in love with music?   Age 13

    13. When did you decide to pursue music (as a hobby or career)? Started playing guitar age 20 to learn T Rex songs.

    14. What is your favorite thing about music?           It’s ability to move you... whether it's an orchestral work or a stunning guitar solo.

    15. What are your 5 desert island albums (assuming there's electricity) Live in San Francisco (Joe Satriani), Live Dates 2 (Wishbone Ash) Made in heaven (Queen) Live and Dangerous (Thin Lizzy) Live in the air age (Bebop Deluxe). A good compilation of orchestral pieces would be nice too!

    I know I’m showing my age ?

     16. Favorite Beer/Wine/Liquor?                     Whisky

    17. Favorite snacks while drinking?              Crisps

    18. Favorite food to cook                                    I don’t....I just eat!

    19. Favorite comedian?                                       Peter Kay

    20. What - is your favorite color?                    Blue

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    1. Favorite Classical Composer - don’t have one
    2. Favorite Film Composer - Can’t go wrong with Hans Zimmer
    3. Favorite Band - Architects
    4. Favorite Singer - Corey Tailor (Slipknot/Stone Sour)
    5. Favorite Guitar Player - Tom Searle (Architects)
    6. Favorite Drummer - Matt Halpern (Periphery)
    7. Favorite Bassist - Jon Stockman (Karnivool)
    8. Favorite Pianist - Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park)
    9. Favorite Piece of Orchestral Music - atm it’s Ludwig Göranssons Theme for „The Mandalorian“
    10. Favorite Film Director (dead) - don’t have one
    11. Favorite Film Director (Living) - Christopher Nolan
    12. When did you fall in love with music? - as a child, listening to my parents vinyl records.
    13. When did you decide to pursue music (as a hobby or career)? - when picking up a guitar as a 10year old.
    14. What is your favorite thing about music? - it’s energy. It makes me feel alive.
    15. What are your 5 desert island albums (assuming there's electricity)? - Architects — Holy Hell, Incubus — Make Yourself, Karnivool — Sound Awake, Linkin Park — Meteora, A Day To Remember — What Separates Me From You
    16. Favorite Beer/Wine/Liquor? - Schuhmacher Alt (German Beer from Duesseldorf) or Budwiser
    17. Favorite snacks while drinking? - Pizza ;)
    18. Favorite food to cook? - Nasi Goreng
    19. Favorite comedian? - I don’t like comedians 
    20. What - is your favorite color? - green

    1. Favorite Classical Composer - My dude F. Chop
    2. Favorite Film Composer - In my youth - Danny Elfman, early adult hood - Michael Giacchino, currently I'm really enjoying Michael Abels
    3. Favorite Band - as a teen it was Pink Floyd, I grew to love Opeth, but currently Devin Townsend and the bands he forms.
    4. Favorite Singer - Billie Holiday, one the rawest vocalists of all time. Currently Che Aimee Dorval.
    5. Favorite Guitar Player - Emil Werstler (Daath, Chimaira, self) He's a metal shredder but jazz at heart. I'd put Tosin Abasi here but he has not given himself a chance to breathe yet. Once he does the man will be unstoppable.
    6. Favorite Drummer - Larnell Lewis is my current fave, but Brann Dailor is something else.
    7. Favorite Bassist - It's Bootsy Baby! Followed by Les Claypool.
    8. Favorite Pianist - I haven't kept up with pianists. Shame on me. Any recs?
    9. Favorite Piece of Orchestral Music - Aerith's Theme (Nobuo Uematsu), this piece always leaves me breathless.
    10. Favorite Film Director (dead)- Charlie Chapman. Everyone's already picking Kubrick, and Hitchcock is too obvious ;)
    11. Favorite Film Director (Living) - I'm an Abrams apologist. I love his world building and the puzzle box gets me. It doesn't need it to be solved to enjoy the ride. But he is clearly influenced by Spielberg whom is a genius.
    12. When did you fall in love with music? My mom was always blasting old school RnB. I fell in love pretty early. Do yourself a favor and look up the East Side Story Albums. As far as orchestral goes, Final Fantasy VII was the first that opened my mind into what was possible.
    13. When did you decide to pursue music (as a hobby or career)? Not sure if its a pursuit. In my teens I decided to try to make my own videogame and needed to write music. A copy of Anvil Studio and I was hooked. I never completed a project but I've always been coming back to a couple of melodies and some chords. Maybe this time it will stick?
    14. What is your favorite thing about music? - It's one of the two things humanity has gotten right. It exists beyond the barriers we put up to separate ourselves.
    15. What are your 5 desert island albums (assuming there's electricity)? ...and a smoke monster. I'm guessing I can't make 5 playlists and call them my "albums". Pink Floyd - Animals, Devin Townsend - Terria, Boyz II Men - Legacy, Miles Davis - Kind of Blue, Dre Dre - 2001 The Chronic
    16. Favorite Beer/Wine/Liquor? Style - Belgian Trip or Quad/anything red/Islay Scotch Brand - Gulden Draak/anything red/Laphroaig
    17. Favorite snacks while drinking? Wings and Charcuterie
    18. Favorite food to cook - I love to cook so I'll just say what I've got planned next. I'm gonna take some beef ribs and brown them in a pan with some garlic. Then I'm going to braise those in a mixture of red wine, beef stock and black berry jam. Once the alcohol cooks out , I'm throwing the whole thing into a pressure cooker. Then I'll separate out the meat, and strain the liquid and garlic to reduce into a glaze. Once reduced I'll toast some onion buns and spread them with a pesto. I'll top that with the shredded meat, add the glaze, some chopped mint, and an agave-lime slaw (red cabbage, carrot, agave nectar, lime juice, salt and pepper).
    19. Favorite comedian? Richard Pryor and George Carlin for the classics. Currently - Yedoye Travis.
    20. What - is your favorite color? Silver

  • nee50n
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    1. Favorite Classical Composer - Beethoven
    2. Favorite Film Composer  i don’t really have one tbh, but at push I’d pop for Vangelis - particularly for Blade Runner.
    3. Favorite Band - Radiohead
    4. Favorite Singer - Ray Charles
    5. Favorite Guitar Player - Rory Gallagher
    6. Favorite Drummer - don’t really have one but I have admired the work of Gerry Conway (particularly on all those classic Cat Stevens albums in the early 1970s)
    7. Favorite Bassist - going for a bit of trick here as I want to get a Beatle in this list so Paul McCartney
    8. Favorite Pianist - Bill Evans
    9. Favorite Piece of Orchestral Music Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D major
    10. Favorite Film Director (dead) Sergi Eisenstein
    11. Favorite Film Director (Living) Ken Loach
    12. When did you fall in love with music? 3 years old singing a long to Billy Joel’s 52nd Street album sitting in the back of my Dad’s Ford Capri circa 1979
    13. When did you decide to pursue music (as a hobby or career)? As soon as I was competent enough to teach myself new stuff it became a hobby
    14. What is your favorite thing about music? Even the most simplistic music can be moving - everyone can do it.
    15. What are your 5 desert island albums (assuming there's electricity)? 52nd Street (see above), Radiohead Ok Computer, Steve Reich Different Trains/Electric Counterpoint, Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited, Carol King Tapestry, (added sixth John Coltrane A Love Supreme).
    16. Favorite Beer/Wine/Liquor? Rioja from the Alta region
    17. Favorite snacks while drinking? Popcorn
    18. Favorite food to cook Lamb Ragu
    19. Favorite comedian? Currently John Finemore, but all time Stewart Lee (although my answer would probably change in 5 mins time).
    20. What - is your favorite color? Red

    1. Favorite Classical Composer : Faure
    2. Favorite Film Composer Hans Zimmer
    3. Favorite Band The Chameleons
    4. Favorite Singer Tori Amos
    5. Favorite Guitar Player Prince
    6. Favorite Drummer Stuart Copeland
    7. Favorite Bassist Peter Hook
    8. Favorite Pianist Keith Jarrett
    9. Favorite Piece of Orchestral Music Faure's requiem
    10. Favorite Film Director (dead) Stanley Kubrick
    11. Favorite Film Director (Living) Ridley Scott
    12. When did you fall in love with music? Listening to Perry Como singing catch a falling star
    13. When did you decide to pursue music (as a hobby or career)? When I was 6
    14. What is your favorite thing about music? The products and energy of its evolution in every sense ....art in general like science is constantly changing , in the main advancing, ...becoming more accessible in terms of participation.. and so it is that now so many can expresses their emotions ... ..so to be part of this flow with respect is a wonderful experience.
    15. What are your 5 desert island albums (assuming there's electricity)? Tubular bells , Ten new songs by Leonard Cohen, The Only Ones Greatest Hits, The dark side of the Moon and ultimately The Kohn Concert by Keith Jarrett.... I would accept just the latter and the complete works of Bill Bryson as a stash away... I would also swallow a flash drive with the sound track of the Da Vinci code .....Carter the unstoppable sex machine's greatest hits, and the Caribbean Disco show greatest hits on it ...so there.
    16. Favorite Beer/Wine/Liquor? Chablais
    17. Favorite snacks while drinking? freshly prepared Focaccia and olives
    18. Favorite food to cook Definitely  Christmas dinner for my family
    19. Favorite comedian? Ricky Gervais
    20. What - is your favorite color? Indiigo

    1. Favorite Classical Composer: Gorecki - I'd heard Gorecki first via a sample for a dance track and was completely captivated but didn't know that it was Gorecki, just knew that I had to find out what that song was. Some two years later in the office that I was working in someone played Symphony of Sorrowful songs through their PC speakers at a Christmas and I found out that it was Gorecki. Symphony of Sorrowful songs regularly plays me to sleep and got me through some very tough times.
    2. Favorite Film Composer: Vangelis - As above, thanks to his work on my favourite film - Blade Runner
    3. Favorite Band - Faithless - For some reason I thought that they were a soft rock guitar band but had heard the epic chorus to Insomnia before knowing what it was. I then realised that Faithless weren't a soft rock band when I saw and heard an advert for their greatest hits. I bought it, loved it and found out that the song I liked was Insomnia. I've never looked back
    4. Favorite Singer - Gary Numan
    5. Favorite Guitar Player - Prince - The guy was just an all round genius. I could have put Prince down for every favourite musician here. In the dreadful year of 2016 when all and sundry died, the only one that really hit me was Prince.
    6. Favorite Drummer - Don't really have one, so I'm going to put down Prince as apparently he was one of the best in the world
    7. Favorite Bassist - This one's easy. Mick Karn. I absolutely loved Japan and loved Mick Karn and the fretless bass (which I now play). His playing was awesome.
    8. Favorite Pianist
    9. Favorite Piece of Orchestral Music - Symphony of Sorrowful Songs - Gorecki
    10. Favorite Film Director (dead) - Stanley Kubrick
    11. Favorite Film Director (Living) - Ridley Scott
    12. When did you fall in love with music? - This is an interesting one... well it is for me anyway. I saw myself as a gawky, ugly child and could never imagine myself fitting in. So much so that I remember as a 12 year old being taken to get some smart shoes. I saw a pair that were the fashion at the time and for an instant thought of asking for them, but very quickly my inner voice started telling me that I couldn't have them as they were for people who weren't gawky and ugly and that wasn't me. Long story short (well shorter), a year later after my parents had gone out for the night, I decided to cut my own hair (my Mother went ballistic) turned up to school the next day and the most popular guy in our class said to me, 'are you a futurist?' (this was the eighties). I asked him what that was and he said that they liked Gary Numan and Japan and that was it. From not really having any interest particularly in music I became an avid follower of Gary Numan and synth music in general. I'd found my tribe so to speak and started to feel like I belonged. I was really sniffy about anything other than synth music and when the whole dance/hip-hop stuff kicked off was really sniffy with that, until I started going to clubs and hitting the dance floor and then expanded my horizons into more diverse music. I'm a huge fan of Drum & Bass (you have no idea how delighted I was to find out that Christian, who I thought was just a classical artist started out in Drum & Bass). Dubstep and various others.
    13. When did you decide to pursue music (as a hobby or career)? - Literally as soon as I started following Gary Numan and Japan. Soon afterwards we got a piano in my house and although I never had lessons (my family couldn't afford them). I was desperate for a synthesiser so that I could start my own band. I eventually bought a Jen SX1000 and used to take it round to one of my teachers house (Tertiary college) who had a Four Track Fostex or Tascam studio and started recording at his place. Eventually I bought a Korg Poly 800 Mk II and my own four track Fostex. I eventually taught myself to play Guitar and Bass and recorded the odd song every now and again but never anything serious. I've never been in a band as I've never had much confidence in my playing, but eventually moved from Four Tracks into Computers and that whole, 'everything is fixable' ability that you get with computers has changed my life. I've never had a musical instrument lesson in all my life but so wish I had. I've now got a Soundcloud account, but don't have many followers which is fine as just knowing that my music is out there is enough. I am lucky in that, as an actor, I now do the Theme music for a friends audio-dramas that I also sometimes appear in. The whole Spitfire community is a Godsend.
    14. What is your favorite thing about music? - It can instantly bring you back to good times and bad. It's like an instant emotional hit.
    15. What are your 5 desert island albums (assuming there's electricity)? - Telekom (Gary Numan - The first album of his that I heard), Love Sexy (Prince - The soundtrack to my life at age 20/21) - Japan (Quiet Life - The soundtrack to my early teens) - Timeless (Goldie - The first Drum & Bass album I bought and a complete Masterpiece) - Symphony of Sorrowful Songs (Gorecki - Soothes my soul)
    16. Favorite Beer/Wine/Liquor? - Not really a drinker, but when I do, it has to be Gin.
    17. Favorite snacks while drinking? - Crisps
    18. Favorite food to cook - Chinese
    19. Favorite comedian? - Ryk Mayall - The absolute essence of comedy (much missed)
    20. What - is your favorite color? - Black (I'm a Numanoid after all) but if you going to pull the Black isn't a colour, then red.

    1. Dmitri Shostakovich
    2. Ennio Morricone
    3. Mr Bungle
    4. Mike Patton
    5. Frank Zappa
    6. Lenny White
    7. Jaco Pastorius
    8. Hiromi Uehara
    9. Carmina Burana
    10. Stanley Kubrick
    11. David Lynch
    12. At around six or seven years old
    13. Ten years later
    14. How it makes me feel and think about things
    15. Frank's Wild Years - Tom Waits, The Nightfly - Donald Fagen, What's Going on - Marvin Gaye, The Last Waltz - The Band, Mondo Cane - Mike Patton
    16. I don't drink
    17. Crisps
    18. Turkey and Ham
    19. George Carlin
    20. Red
  • Nice responses everyone, thanks for playing along! Keep them coming.

    Disappointed no-one got the monty python reference though about favorite color haha...

  • I knew I would want to change favourite comedian!

    Rik Mayall all the way. He didn’t have to do anything and I would be rolling around laughing. Loved the Comic Strip stuff he did like Bad News (apparently Bad News predated Spinal Tap by a few months) and Mr Jolly Lives Next Door. I still fond memories as a kid of the Jackanory stories he did (for non UK people it was a kids story time on the BBC).

  • Glad I'm not the only one here. I've actually got an ex-girlfriend that worked with him in a play years ago. She tells some hilarious stories about him.

    1. Favorite Classical Composer – Stravinsky. Made me realize how cool orchestras could be.
    2. Favorite Film Composer – Michael Giacchino. Made me realize how cool film music could be.
    3. Favorite Band – Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor knows how to make a perfect texture and atmosphere.
    4. Favorite Singer – Bing Crosby. His voice always reminds me of Christmas and good memories with my family.
    5. Favorite Guitar Player – My cousin, drewbob. He taught himself guitar and is an absolute monster with jazz and hip hop.
    6. Favorite Drummer – Ilan Rubin. I just like him.
    7. Favorite Bassist – Whoever cut the bass for Guillotine (no pun intended), that line is killer.
    8. Favorite Pianist – Debussy, an absolute master of rulebreaking.
    9. Favorite Piece of Orchestral Music – Infernal Dance from the Firebird Suite. That song was metal before metal existed.
    10. Favorite Film Director (dead) – Hitchcock. I love horror and he could craft that mood so well.
    11. Favorite Film Director (Living) – Pete Docter. He is an absolute master at making you well up with tears.
    12. When did you fall in love with music? – I always have loved music. Ever since I could remember I had toy instruments and would annoy my family by making rhythms out of anything and everything. I loved how you could really feel a groove with a song you loved. It became a passion when I first got a Spotify account and a set of headphones, then I could listen to whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.
    13. When did you decide to pursue music (as a hobby or career)? – As a hobby, that was in around 2014 when I got Garageband on my Mac. I started making really terrible loops whenever I could and I loved it. I'm now studying commercial music at college after switching from Paramedic school mid-COVID.
    14. What is your favorite thing about music? Music can make you feel something that words cannot. It speaks to something deeper in you. Instruments and sounds (when used well) express the human element within us all and speaks directly to that part. I love when you listen to a passage you haven't heard in years and you immediately feel everything you felt at that time. On top of that, you'll understand it to a whole new level after some time growing up. It's such a beautiful art form.
    15. What are your 5 desert island albums (assuming there's electricity)? This is tough, because my tastes vary greatly depending on my mood and what I want at the time. For a good selection, that'd be Glory Sound Prep from Jon Bellion, Year Zero from Nine Inch Nails, Telepathy from SPECIAL OTHERS ACOUSTIC, the Firebird Suite from Stravinsky, and Apollo Atmospheres and Soundtracks from Brian Eno. This one is tough because my desert island list changes daily, but those ones usually stick around.
    16. Favorite Beer/Wine/Liquor? Bourbon.
    17. Favorite snacks while drinking? Pistachios.
    18. Favorite food to cook – I love making pastries and I have a lot of fun with beignets.
    19. Favorite comedian? – John Mulaney.
    20. What - is your favorite color? Yellow- no- blue!