Kontakt 6.6 Output Routing Broken in VST3

Hi everyone,

I have a lot of presets with different microphone outputs routed to different Kontakt outputs so I can mix them in my DAW, but with the VST3 version of Kontakt 6.6 in Cubase the routing is all broken.

In fact, it's not just when loading presets, but when I try to create a new instrument and route the microphones things do not work as expected!

I've removed the VST3 plugin for now, and everything is working fine without it, but I'd definitely like to use the VST3 in the future, and probably something someone needs to know about!

Any ideas welcome!


  • I actually haven't updated yet, but now I don't want to in case it doesn't work in Cubase for me XD

  • Minor update... having updated to the latest versions of spitfire instruments, I can now create instruments as I'd like, but my (many many) presets all load with the outputs wrong. I can obviously recreate them all, but they represent quite a few hours work!!

    Specifically my presets are all set up with all the mic options on full (with samples purged, I'm not a madman!), but routed to separate outputs. When I load them in VST3 Kontakt, for example in Chamber Strings, only the T mics are loaded and everything else is off.

  • Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for your help... sadly that doesn't seem to be a fix for this problem with the routing within Spitfire. (I'm actually currently the last comment in that thread pointing this out).

    Appreciated nonetheless!

  • Hi @croydon42

    Looking at that thread (@Sunny) it looks like there is an issue (and workaround) in comment 22.

    This looks to be an issue with the recent upgrade from VST to VST3, so the most simple workaround would be to roll back to a previous version in the link below:

  • Hi @Angus

    Yes indeed. For now I've just removed the VST3 Kontakt plugin file, and all is fine in VST2 land, but mostly wanted to flag this in hopes it might be fixed rather than having to rebuild all my presets and changing a lot of routing when opening old projects.

    Should I post a support ticket about the issue too?

    Thanks for your help

  • @croydon42 if anything, I'd log a support ticket with NI, as this pertains to the plugin rather than the library