Epic Strings and Reaper problem. Anyone else run into this issue?

Hello all,

I have noticed recently (I have been going through/reviewing all my 'sketchs').

I use Reaper as my DAW (no idea if this is the issue).

I notice that SA's Epic Strings load but, normally they don't produce sound.

Odd, I know. Not sure if it's a Reaper issue, ASIO for All (i have the latest), or if it's Epic Strings.

I keep EVERYTHING updated and it seems to be a consistent issue with just this library.

Just asking if this is a known issue or if I am an unusual case.


  • Hi! I have Reaper and Epic Strings, I'm also using ASIO for All and it all seems to be OK... (just loaded it up now to check). Sorry - probably not the answer you were looking for!!

  • @padsbrother

    Thanks and yes. For me it seems to ONLY do this when I am loading up an older file using Epic Strings.

    It's probably just a 'funky' issue with my system or something.

    Thanks again for replying.

  • Hi @Ronald are there any Error Messages (red circle in top left), and if not, does the LED light (top left) flash between red and green or does this stay solid green?