HELP - Output Expression value from BBC SO into Ableton Live "Automation"

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Hi all,

I am currently using a MIDI Expression controller (which has 3 potentiometer faders) to control the expression and dynamics of the BBC SO plugin within Ableton Live. My Controller, by default, has the faders sending data to CC 11, 1, and 19 (matching the three control faders in the Spitfire SO User Interface).

It works perfectly well in real-time, and moving my sliders up and down, moves the sliders up and down in the UI as well. The problem is that the data is not stored in the automation lane. It saves the values it into the "Envelopes" "MIDI Ctrl" lane, which is really choppy and horrible. (see image below).

Moving the sliders in the UI manually with my mouse works and saves the data in the automation lane as expected. In the image below, you can see 3 parts where automation was detected. In these three sections, I manipulated the expression control in the Spitfire SO User Interface. In the three "empty" sections I used the hardware fader (again, the UI fader still goes up and down, it just doesn't write the info into the automation lane).

I could really use some help here. Have I set up something incorrectly in Ableton Live? Have I set something up wrong in the plugin? or have I set up my hardware wrong in the Preferences?

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  • I'm just writing hoping someone might have a solution to this.

  • Hello everybody I'm facing the exact same problem - any help please anyone?

    Or Demejiuk could you sol,ve your issue?

    Thanks in advance