Symphonic Brass compliment

I bought the SB lib for an odd reason - someone here on the forum was complaining that it didn't sound big enough. I ran and listened to the demos and bought it.

I'm not much of an epic composer. I like minimalist music and impressionist (Debussy,Ravel) and otherwise I'm pretty much a progger.

What I was never able to get before was a nice lite staccato. Just nice little "puffs" not splat splat.

I finally got it and I really appreciate that. I think SB in general sounds realistic not overhyped. And it sits nicely with my other libraries - blends well and is pleasure to use.



  • Thanks so much for the feedback Edward! Glad to hear you are enjoying your library. Feel free to share any creations featuring Symphonic Brass!

  • Edward
    edited July 15

    I did use various other libraries. But anyway on this piece I went hogwild with the SB staccato in the first section. (the patch that inspires the piece :)

  • I think SSB is great too!

    Between SSB and the brass in BBCSO, I don't think I'll need another brass library for a very long time.

    I'd like some stuff like a descant horn, euphoniums, and those types of atypical brass instruments, but as far as standard orchestral/cinematic brass... You can't beat these libraries (In my opinion)!

    A bit of EQ and distortion will get it to that epic 'trailer' territory, but that's not a sound I'm interested in.