Best Library to start with

Hi, I'm a producer who is interested in introducing better string sound in my productions. The general style goes from Ambiant, Thriller Cues, instrumental cues, and Trailers in various genres to HipHop, Pop, and R&B. I'd like to explore also the universe of orchestral cues and Trailers.

Since the budget is not limitless, what's the best SF Library to start with?

Thanks so much!


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    Hey @Melodea

    That's a large number of styles to cover!

    For your more cinematic stuff, I'd say a good starting point is BBC Symphony Orchestra, Spitfire Symphony Orchestra, Albion ONE, or Abbey Road ONE. These are all libraries aimed at having essentials for writing cues.

    If you are doing more modern hip-hop/pop/R&B, you may not want something as 'large' sounding as the above instruments and may prefer a tighter sound. For this, I'd recommend having a look at Spitfire Chamber Strings or or Spitfire Studio Strings.

    Our Strings page here divides up libraries by Symphonic, Medium, Solo/Small, Inspirational (i.e. alternative sounding strings), and mentions other libraries that are not necessarily string specific but have strings as well:

  • Thanks, that's very useful!