Woolly notes in Jangle Box Piano

Firstly, this is a beautiful sounding piano overall, and I'm very happy to have it. However, in the tacks-off setting, the notes C#2, D2 and D#2 are quite woolly sounding and don't have a proper attack, even when struck at maximum velocity, especially D2.

That is a pretty key area for this piano, as it was used on The Fool on the Hill, and D2 is the root note for that song.

This library sounds nicer and more realistic to me than the Abbey Road / Cinesamples version, but for comparison's sake, the C#2, D2 and D#2 notes in that library are crisp and have the same attack as the notes around them.

As the muted attack on the three notes is audible in all microphone sources in Jangle Box Piano, it must be that this is how the Challen currently sounds, or at least how it sounded at the time of recording these samples.

Is there any possibility these three notes could be repaired in an update?


  • Hey @Greg_Reason

    Thanks for the message. I'd recommend dropping us a line on our support channel for any specific samples you'd like us to look into as this will be the best place for us to do any testing. I've turned this into a support ticket for you in the mean time so we will be in touch soon!