Feature Request -- Pitch Bend

I'd like to have the pitch bend added to the SSS libraries. And in fact the rest of the Kontakt libraries especially the orchestral ones by default.

I know you can do it yourself using the wrench, but every time there's an update I have to do it all over again. It's a bit of work and labor that would be saved if it were in there by default. Or if there's some reason against it, turned on/off with a button on the menu.

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but would like it very much. :D Doesn't seem like it would be much work to do it for everyone just like individuals have to do it with the wrench. So please do. :)


  • Angus
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    Hi @Puremusic

    I will pass your feedback onto the team, but please note that we disable pitch bend from the majority of our libraries due to the negative effect it can have on the quality of the samples (e.g. Strings begin to sound synth like).

  • but like, what if we want our strings to have that jonny greenwood glitchy pitch shift sound 🤪?

    would be cool just have it there just in case its needed instead of its being thrown out entirely yknow?

  • Angus
    Angus admin
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    @jknttr you can always use an external pitch modulator plugin, but as mentioned, I will happily pass your feedback onto our product team.

  • Yes please PitchBend ;-)

  • Yes please to pitch bend. Pitch bend crimes should be a matter of choice :-) Nobody wants to make the libraries sound 'cheap' but a wealth of creative opportunities are prevented. (Obviously pitch bending longs would be a terrible way of trying to achieve a real-world glissando.)

    Soundshifter approach : ok - good for some cases - but not the same as pitch bend. Pitch bend also slows or speeds up the samples.

    Automating 'Tune' with CC : terrible unless you actively want pitch changes to be steppy (only 128 steps). And the +/- range is not configurable. In Kontakt you can add a KSP outside the instrument to map Pitch Bend to an unused CC, MIDI learn the tune knob for the instrument, and then limit the range the knob is moved as a percentage of the full range in the MIDI Automation tab, but of course this won't work for Spitfire Player instruments.

  • I bought albion one/labs and it seriously sucks not having an inbuilt pitch bend option. This is music composition. Why limit this? also WISH SO BADLY that we could modulate (add) tremelo via pitch bend wheel, rather than cross fade and go through that hell of setting it all up.