Have to use (D:) Drive for VST install directory due to space limitation but loading takes forever

Hello Everyone,

I have been using Spitfire's products for almost as long as I've been composing and arranging from my computer but only recently have I had to move my Spitfire VSTs from my (C:) Drive to my (D:) Drive. A few months ago, I realized that the VST's were eating up most of the remaining space on the main drive so I moved them over to the (D:) Drive. This alleviated the problem of storage constraints because they are now on a drive with over a TB left.

However, the Spitfire VSTs now take forever to load fully. There will be individual random samples that don't load with the rest of the VST when I open it in FL Studio. This is not a significant problem because they load eventually, but this can take up to 1-5 minutes or so which feels like an eternity when it comes to loading times. BBCSO Core is a pain if I ever change an instrument or articulation.

I've read briefly that there are settings that have to do with CPU usage and RAM allocation. Such webpages are a bit annoying due to visual clutter (ADHD things) and I'm unsure if my issue is really directly addressed in those pages. What would be some good settings to adjust to ensure they load faster and how should I go about adjusting them?


  • Is your D: Drive a SSD or old HDD?

    The older manual disks can take longer than the modern SSD so it might be good to source one to use externally and store your libraries in there.

    I have my Spitfire libraries on a Samsung 2TB SSD and while the bigger compositions can still take time to load, it will be much faster than a HDD.

  • Hi @PickleJarOfDeath

    @Jase Ess is spot on with the first thing to check. Is it HDD or SSD? The former being the much slower type.

    The next steps would be to also check the hard drive is formatted to NTFS. If it is not, you should reformat, but note that this will wipe the drive- so try and back it up beforehand.

    Additionally, any Kontakt libraries should be batch resaved. If you find the batch resave process does not progress after 10-20 minutes, this would indicate that the format of your drive is incorrect- or the drive is not an SSD drive.

  • @Jase Ess @Angus The (D:) is a hard drive and the (C:) is SSD. They are both NTFS. This is all on a laptop I got new back in winter 2019-2020. I don't have any Kontakt Libraries because I had some terrible experiences with Kontakt and Albion ONE to the point of requesting a refund. Side note: I think all of Spitfire's libraries need to be migrated to native Spitfire designed plugins because they are beyond amazingly designed. They look nice, they work well, they are intuitive and responsive, they are just all around the mold I would use to redesign just about any VST not made by Spitfire.


    So I found this... I will try experimenting with the preload and stream buffer size.