BT Phobos Crashing Logic

edited September 2021 in Artist Libraries

Anyone else finding this library crashing their DAW? Every time I hit 'stop' on either play or record mode Logic crashes ๐Ÿ˜ก

I have already had SO many issues getting this library just to work now its unusable again. Never thought I'd want my money back on a SA library but boy do I for this one!


  • I would submit a support ticket. Otherwise, if you can screen record it happening, that would also help. Have your task manager up so you can see if there are any spikes in the CPU or RAM or anything.

  • Hi @carl

    Given you mentioned you use Logic, you must be on a Mac.

    I have this library on my Mac and haven't had this issue. Ive just tested it now and all Ok.

    Totally agree with @gregoryd to log a ticket. Make sure you include what patch you were using, any specialised settings and computer info as well. Spitfire support are awesome and usually get back in a reasonable time.

    Good luck and hope it all works out!

  • thanks guys. have reinstalled and seems ok again, for now!!

  • @carl

    Glad the reinstall fixed it! If you run into anything like this again, please drop our support a line and we'll get you sorted ASAP!

  • I have to agree with you. I'm on Windows with a super fast AMD processor, tonnes of ram and after re-installing it, it'll will work for a short while but then just crashes. I submitted a ticket and got support to fix it, but it's just the same now. I've got songs that use it, that I can't actually load due to Phobos crashing Studio One.

    I'm going to have to remove it from my PC it's terrible. I'm also not going to submit another ticket as like I mentioned the last fix made it work for just a week. There appears to be no point in using it now. It's so distructive.