String Library Advice

Greetings! I'm looking to budget for a strings library and was looking at the Alternative Solo Strings library. I tend to write in along shoe-gaze / post-rock genre, so guitars/bass/drums/keys would be involved on top of the strings: something like "The Ascent of Everest" (

As there are no solos and precious few examples of the library being used in the setting I've described above... does Alternative Solo Strings make sense? Should I be looking at another library? How is the GUI / learning curve?

I'm a fan of dry, intimate, emotional strings, but I also want it to actually fit with the rest of the instruments.



  • I think that library could do the job for you.

    there are of course other libraries like Native instruments “Cremona Quartet” that was recorded, using some very unique instruments. (two violins, a viola and a cello)

    I think solo libraries are the trickiest to develop so they sound realistic as each note must work perfectly with the next. You would quickly hear the slightest inconsistency between sampled notes in such a library that would make it sound fake/mechanical.

    Also, playing with such a library requires more training than an string ensemble library, to get the right feel of realism but, once you’re there, you should be able to create a well sounding performance.

  • I love the total performance cello and violin which intuitively plays articulations based on note length and velocity etc. and other parameters.