Is there a bad sample in Chamber Strings Ensemble patch close mic F-0?

Hi, not sure if this the place to ask. I just produced some strings for a client from his midi files.

After bouncing to audio, one pass using the tree mics, one using the close, the close mic had this god-awful sound that was supposed to be a low F-0 (F zero). The tree pass printed fine. I managed a work around but it was embarrassing with the client sitting next to me, MORE embarrassing when called the next day to get me address the same issue in another piece that we didn't spot on the day.

Is there an update or patch? Or at least a place for me to report this so maybe it gets fixed in a future update?

Can somebody else with this library verify that it's a fault in the library and not something local to my installation?

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  • On the sul pont I found that both the F# and the F (not surprising) had a pretty serious flaw. None of the other sustained patches had this.

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    Hi @colinsnape

    I've create a Zendesk ticket for you so that one of our agents can discuss this. If it is deemed to be an issue, they can then notify our product team.